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jbl\'s new charge 4 bluetooth speaker is the perfect party animal

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-22
Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat . . . . . . This must mean it\'s party season, and you need a lot of tunes and a decent sound system to play them for the party to go on.
If you have a party in the office, you will want a very powerful Bluetooth speaker with a large volume and a large bass to start the party.
For the job, only one candidate is loud enough, stylish enough and portable enough to get the party really started.
JBL Charge 4 is the latest charging mode launched by JBL labs.
The charging range of the wireless speaker was very successful thanks to its clever tubular design, long battery life and very fat bass.
JBL charging 4 is no exception, probably the largest battery-
I heard the speaker is still portable enough to fit in the backpack.
There\'s a 30-
The power Watts provided here are all in a package with a length of 22 cm and about 9.
5 cm, frequency response range from 60Hz to 20 kHz.
JBL Charge 4 can play for up to 20 hours in a row with full Charge, which is enough for even the most revelry wine gods.
It can also double as a smartphone charger so you can charge your phone while playing music to the speaker.
If you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you can have a Christmas party next to the pool, would you be happy to know this speaker, its durable fabric coat, is it IPX7
The waterproof class is high so don\'t mind splashing a few mouthfuls or even a tropical downpour.
If the party gets unusually noisy, then the speaker doesn\'t even mind being flooded in the pool because it\'s really waterproof.
There is a waterproof rubber hatch at the back of the Speaker, after opening you can see a usb c port, charging the battery for charging 4, which is a USB a port, powering the smartphone, and a 3
5mm stereo input so that analog sources such as digital music players can be connected when necessary.
Unlike some other JBL speakers, charging 4 can\'t be used as a Bluetooth speaker, so if this is important to you, you need to go somewhere else and have a look.
Another omission is the compatibility of voice assistants.
There is no Google Assist or Siri support, so the cost 4 will not be given to you if you need it.
In front of the Speaker, there is a row of five white LED lights showing how much power is left.
It takes five and a half hours to fully charge the battery of the charge 4, so if you want the maximum playback time, you need to plan a little in advance.
At the same time, at the top of the Speaker, there is a power switch and a Bluetooth pairing button next to it.
Volume control on both sides and multiple
Skip the track or pause the function button of the music.
Finally, the JBL Connect button provides more listening opportunities.
The clever feature about JBL Connect and its accompanying apps is how it enables up to 100 other JBL speakers to unify links and play using party mode.
Any JBL speakers that support JBL Connect can be invited to a party so that music can be heard in every corner of the party room.
Or, you can set-
The two JBL charging 4S act as a pair of stereo speakers, each playing the mono left and right channels to create a wide stereo stage.
Obviously, thanks to a pair of regular speakers and two passive radiators that amplify the bass, the charge 4 plays itself in stereo, but the size of the speaker means you won\'t get a very good stereo separation or a compelling sound stage.
You can also connect two smartphones to the speaker at the same time, so you can pass the playlist duties to others during the break
Have a good rest or drink.
In my opinion, the sound produced by JBL Charge 4 is a real improvement to its predecessor charge 3, which is a bit muddy and a bit low in the treble.
It\'s stable, flipped 4, the treble is great, but the bass is a bit light.
Charging 4 solves these two drawbacks with bass, the bass is as big as you expect from the larger speaker housing, while the treble is more refined and clearer than the charging 3.
I think JBL listened to the criticism and made great progress.
When it comes to styles, JBL Charge 4 has a variety of colors to choose from, including desert sand, mustard, dusty pink, gray stone, Duck River, Ocean Blue, midnight black, steel White, forest green.
Sadly, there is no red option for Santa Claus.
Also, suitcases are not provided but there is a lot of after-sales service
Market case with reasonable price.
There is a usb c charging cable in the box, but there is no charger.
However, there may be enough USB chargers in most of us, so this is not a problem.
Conclusion: JBL Charge 4 is an ideal party speaker that is small enough to be carried with you and is an excellent speaker for a holiday.
The waterproof function and sturdy fabric cover means it can handle quite a bit of punishment.
However, this is a great improvement for me.
JBL Charge 4 balanced between high and low.
The sound is loud and the battery life is long, whether it\'s for pool party or kitchen use, it\'s ideal for all kinds of situations.
JBL is a loud, proud, perfect party animal.
Price: USD 149/EUR 160/EUR 179jbl.
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