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Is Satellite Internet Your Only Option?

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-22
There are different types of internet service available in the United States. Basically it falls into three categories, first a dial up connection which is through your telephone line. A downside of this service is if you only have one telephone line then when you are on your computer, you are also using you telephone line and anyone calling will receive a busy signal or perhaps your answering machine. This is a very slow form of internet connection. The second type of internet connection service is DSL or Digital Subscriber Line which is connected by an Ethernet connection or a USB or Universal Serial Bus, port. This DSL goes through a traditional telephone line and then through a router/modem. The telephone line has a splitter that allows the DSL to function without tying up the telephone line. It is a fairly quick connection. Some companies are also upgrading this to a fiber optics line for a faster connection. The third type is an internet connection provided by a cable company. This consists of wires from the cable company that connect you to their internet service. This type of provider may also provide your television service and your telephone service. However the internet connection is not through the telephone line. You do not need a telephone line to connect via a cable connection. There is an additional connection that is becoming more common in the United States which is external Wi-Fi. This is a wireless connection. The computer must have a wireless capability to utilize this form of internet connection. There will be either a separate plug-in that functions as the modem so to speak that connects to an external ISPS. Or there are Hot Spots available in various parts of the country and these are increasing. It could be at the local city hall or at some parks or motels. Some places charge for access, at other places it is free. But the computer must have that wireless connection capability before any Hot Spot or Wi-Fi can be accessed. The last major type of internet connection is through a satellite. It is said if you can go outside your home or office and see the Southern sky than you can get a satellite internet connection. There are some circumstances that must be present to get satellite internet connection. Just as there are certain conditions that must apply to get any type of internet connection. You have to have certain computer capabilities and capacities. It is generally used in remote areas where there is no broadband or DSL available. A satellite internet has specific account requirements. There will be some upfront costs to receive satellite internet service. This will generally include the up front installation costs and hardware costs. The service requires a small dish that will connect to your computer. There will also be a service commitment but this is not unusual for any internet service connection. There are a lot of considerations when you decide on an internet provider.
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