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Is it Normal That Laptop Charger Gets Really Hot?

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-22
My HP ac adapter gets very hot as well as the bottom of my laptop. Why does this happen and what the best solution to this problem? In the following article I will give you the answer. You are not alone if you have just discovered that your battery charger heats up too often. One should never take this issue lightly. The overheating of laptop chargers can lead to sparks in the circuit. These sparks can permanently destroy your motherboard or worse, lead to a fire. If you think your laptop charger is no longer in good condition, get in touch with your manufacturer/vendor for a replacement or buy a new one at an online store. Cause of overheating:There is no single reason behind the overheating of a power cord. If you connect a low voltage power supply to a laptop, it is likely to get overheated. For example, if your 80 watt laptop power adaptor is getting overheated, your laptop may need a 100 watt one for smooth functioning. Another common cause of overheating is high CPU usage when the power adapter is connected to the laptop. A laptop can make an attempt to drain the additional power to execute a higher number of tasks. The brick containing various electronic components of laptop chargers may also malfunction, thereby causing extra resistance or more heat. Overheating can also be due to internal problems:A laptop charger has an AC/DC convertor that converts the alternative current flowing from your wall socket into a direct current. Electrical appliances like laptops run on direct current at a low voltage and fixed ampere value. Overheating can also be caused when this AC/DC convertor is no longer functioning in a proper manner. This is a sign that the power convertor has started to die. Buying a brand new laptop charger from a trusted online retailer or a local shop is the best way to avoid any issues arising due to overheating. Check the manufacturer's website for potential recalls:It is possible that a number of overheating cases pertaining to a particular charger or laptop have been surfacing in different parts of the world. This happens when a company ships laptop adapters or devices with some manufacturing flaw. In such cases, most companies recall such faulty components. You will need to contact the manufacturer of the laptop to know more about such offers. When you use a charger that's prone to overheating, you should try to keep it out in the open in order to ventilate it. You can also place small objects under a laptop charger to allow for maximum ventilation. This will minimize overheating to a certain extent. Never forget to detach a charger from an outlet when you are not using it, as excessive heating can lead to serious damage. In such a scenario, your charger may just end up burning out and damaging everything else around it. If you suspect plastic burning somewhere around your charger, remove it immediately and prepare yourself to buy a new charger. Such a faulty charger should never be placed close to blankets, woolen items, and furniture. Any object that's susceptible to heat should not be kept close to a laptop charger. When charging your machine, make sure your charging unit is free from blankets and has enough air flow to cool down naturally. And you should not keep your laptop plugged in for more than a few hours. Usually just enough time to charge the battery fully and then allow it to use all of the battery life before charging it up again. Otherwise you are ruining the battery. If you begin charging it up again at half life, you're battery will start to drain faster and you'll eventually have to replace it earlier than normal.
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