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iPhone Solar Charger

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-04
This iPhone solar charger is so far an efficient gadget as it claims. The other day, I accidentally left the charger in the car for too long, it was really hot, and the LED panel looks a bit melted. I thought it's gone case, surprisingly, like what it claims, it is still functioning well. However, as it's name spelt it, you NEED to expose it to the sun in order for it to charge the phone properly. I tried to charge it through USB and then use it as it is, it doesn't have enough power to charge the phone when the solar energy runs out (I mean I feel like there are two sets of energy in there). I guess I thought that the iPhone solar charger would really make a difference in the life of the battery. It doesn't. Under normal conditions of work and play there is not enough sunlight to significantly charge the battery. Even outside, it didn't get a significant boost from the iPhone solar charger even on a sunny day. iPhone solar charger Works good. Only issue is while it shows fully charged and when it is charging iPhone, it drops in power bars quickly. I can get two recharges on this external battery iPhone solar charger. Comes in handy seeing my phone is going on 3 years now on the original battery. The solar charging comes in handy when plug in power is unavailable. For the price I'm very happy with it. ESPOWs iPhone solar charger. A modified version of these cases is iPhone solar charger series. It uses a wallet design, with the solar panel on the outside, and the 1350 mAh lithium-ion battery inside. The wallet can charge the phone fully in direct sunlight in about three hours. As a new generation of environmental friendly tool, this lovely gadget will bring you great convenience when you are in need of power. With 1500mAh lithium ion polymer battery, it can provide enough juice for your beloved iPhone series. Small and portable, you can take it anywhere.It is indeed a good companion for travelling and adventuring.
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