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iPhone 4 AT&T and Palm Pre Plus - Excellent Touchscreen

by:ShunXinda      2020-06-05
Apple Company has recently launched a smartphone called IPhone 4 AT&T which is a powerful player in the smartphone wars that provides enhanced performance, improved design and lovely new display. It is not ideal for everyone, as the call reception and quality vary if you don't use a case. With additional features like revamped design, speedy processor and sparkling new screen, the iPhone 4 is the largest upgrade to smartphone of Apple since iPhone 3G. The iPhone 4 also comes with newest operating system that adds selection of long overdue features along with fewer tweaks. Apple is a strong competitor in an increasingly crowded marketplace and with the introduction of its fast good looking design and features will definitely appeal most of the customers. As compared to other LG cell phone in the market, iPhone 4 AT&T is probably the unique smartphones that offers slightly closed and highly organized polished user experience. It is available exclusively in United States with AT&T and with other carriers all over the world. The back and front sides are glass and both surfaces are flat with stainless steel border that circles the iPhone 4. It has a svelte, unmistakably clean Apple look, while the beautiful and shiny glass coated with oleophobic make it look richer. It provides a sturdy solid feel and measures 0.37 inch deep, 2.3 inches wide and 4.5 inches tall. The iPhone 4 is slight thinner as compared to LG cell phone in the market. Other new design elements on iPhone 4 AT&T include new VGA front facing camera and new LED flash with new noise cancellation microphone and camera lens on the top of the unit. You will find the SIM card slot on the right hand side which can be switched to Micro-SIM format like iPad. Overall it is one of the excellent smartphones in the market. Palm Pre Plus is considered as one of the better touchscreen smartphones of AT&T that brings magic of WebOS to AT&T including great contact and true multitasking management. It also ships with inductive back cover for Touchstone charging and features like improved QWERTY keyboard. Its general ease of use and well rounded and extensive list of features makes it one of the better touchscreen cellphones in the market. The Pre Plus has a similar slider design and pebble like shape and also comes with gorgeous 3.1 inch HVGA multitouch screen. The flash and camera buttons are on the back of Palm Pre Plus, while the 3.5 mm headphone jack, power button and slider ringer switch are on the top of the device. The micro-USB port is on the right hand side. The package includes a reference material, AC adapter, soft carrying pouch, USB cable and stereo wired headset. It also comes with exquisite list of features and applications like WebOS including notification system of Palm, Deck of Cards multitasking function and Synergy. Overall it is one of the better touchscreen smartphones in the market as compared to LG cell phone.
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