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Industrial Radio Remote Control-Information About

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-24
The new ProControl2 Remote Readout with RFID system can take your existing industrial radio remote control system into the next level. This is one of those all in one wireless remote controllers, that improves your industrial petroleum delivery efficiency and at the same time reduces costly refueling mistakes. One of the great advantages of these wireless remote controllers is easily retrofitted with your existing trucks. Apart from that you can also install these systems in newly developed equipment. As these systems are is ATEX certified for using in the hazardous locations throughout the world. Here are special aspects of these RFID equipped Remote Readout System: 1. The chief aim of designing these Readout systems is to allow the complete control over the fuel delivery operations in industrial petroleum operations. 2. The system is included with an LCD display that is enabled to show the exact meter reading to 1/10th of the unit in real time. 3. The meter register system of these wireless devices is equipped with a Direct Serial Interface that can show the mirror image volume that is identical to the truck mounted register. 4. The delivery of the program can be performed by operator easily by utilizing the preset option. 5. RFID equipped Remote Readout device has also a handheld remote control unit including a backlit LCD display and that can operate up to 500ft from truck. 6. The handheld operator has a simultaneous controlling power up to eight custom truck operation as well as to remote meter display. 7. The hose reel industrial remote control devices can allow the operator to rewind or unwind delivery hose savings hose wear. 8. The Tank Valves can be opened with automatic delay feature to engage PTO/Cargo pumps. This thing allows the piping charge as well as prevents internal valves to struggle with one button push. 9. You can also control the Engine RPM with handheld wireless remote controllers in order to increase or decrease pump volume. 10. ProControl2 Remote Readout system is available with all types of kits, including dual metered double pumper trucks. Handheld Transmitter Specification: The handheld controllers are used to ensure interference free control. They are equipped with Frequency hopping spread spectrum technology that shuts down the whole system during any little signal loss or disturbance. The powerful transmitter of these devices has a frequency operation of 2.4GHz DSS. The transmitter has a transmission power up to 60mW. Once recharged, the transmitter can deliver 30 hours of continuous use. Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery is used and 12/24 VDC charger is supplied. Receiver Specifications: The transmitter of the Receiver has a frequency operation of 2.4 Hz DSS, optional 869.7 and 902-928 MHz is also available. The system can be controlled with normal 12/24VDC power supply. However, you can also run the system by using optional 120VAC power supply. They are constructed with IP67 rated, impact resistant polycarbonate enclosure in order to ensure the safety of the system. An external antenna is also included with these devices. ProControl2 Remote Readout System is an FCC approved in order to meet US and Canadian DOT requirements for 'Off Truck' remote controls.
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