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If Snow Hits Be Prepared

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-26
The UK weather is very unpredictable and when it comes to winter everybody should prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Over recent years, notably 2009 and 2010, we have seen some of the worst winters in the history of the country with inches of snow that are bizarre to our normal conditions. Many countries who receive frequent snow would think it was funny how the snow was dealt with over the years here, but once it hits it is unexpected. People often listen to the weather reports and laugh off snow warnings, however when they do hit they are often left unprepared for the big white covering. One of the main places you should have prepared in advance, possibly in the autumn months building up to winter, is your car. If you cannot drive or do not own a car you will know how difficult it is to navigate around without relying on others. This is just during summer months; if snow hits it can be a disaster. You would not want to end up in this situation if you do own a car, and making sure it is ready for the worst means you can hopefully avoid any breakdowns or problems that would make you have to catch a bus! Buses are even less reliable than they usually are in bad weather, with people having to stand and wait only to find out it has been cancelled so make sure to take these precautions now. Make sure to pack your car up with essentials. Firstly you will need to have things that should really already be in there, such as a first aid kit, warning triangle and in car phone charger. If you do get stuck and your phone battery has ran out you will be able to charge it, and a first aid kit may just come in handy whether yourself is injured in an accident or you spot somebody who you can safely help. Some extra things you could do for the winter is to possibly change your tyres. Normal tyres do not have as much grip as winter tyres so if snow does start to fall changing them could be a much safer option. You should also top up your coolant with a mixture of anti freeze. Make sure to check it is the right type before you pour it in though. Make sure to keep a bottle of de-icer in your car for the windscreen too. If you can avoid driving and are able to stay at home, do so! Get your laptop out and do some work or simply relax and wait for it to hopefully melt away.
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