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Ideas on How to Transfer Files from BlackBerry to Computer

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-27
If you want to learn about how to transfer files from BlackBerry to computer, then you've arrived at the right site. Basically, the data transferring process to your own BlackBerry is really simple even though you are the very first time users of this RIM's smartphone. You'll find 4 various methods of executing this process which you can try depending on your need or liking. Those methods are by copying files using the Windows Explorer, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager/Roxio Media Manager, the microSD card and by receiving files through e-mail. The 1st technique in this guideline on how to transfer files from BlackBerry to computer is by copying data using the Windows Explorer. In fact, this technique is very simple to perform and the setup process is also very quick. To start with this technique you need to connect the BlackBerry phone to the computer through USB data cable. And then, you will notice that a new drive will show up on the windows explorer. Search for the BlackBerry directory at the new device and then copy the files to that directory. Inside this directory you will locate a few subdirectories which include Music, Pictures, Ringtones, System and Videos. Once you have ended the transferring process, right-click on the device and then click 'Eject' to securely detach the handset. The next technique is by copying files utilizing the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or Roxio Media Manager. However, if you use the Roxio Media Manager you'll discover that it provides a little bit complicated menus and navigations. On the other hand, this is really a rich-featured application so that you can almost carry out several customizations. If you have connected the handset to the PC, the application will automatically identify it. To transfer the file, you can easily drag and drop a file from the computer's directory to the BlackBerry. The third technique is by copying data files to the microSD card. In fact, this is the slowest and most complex way to transfer your files to your BlackBerry. The first thing to do is turning off your smartphone and then takes out the battery. And then, pull off the microSD card from its holder and then put the card into a microSD to SD card adapter. Place the SD card adapter into the card reader of your PC. If everything is alright, you'll see a new drive appears immediately. At this moment, you can begin copying data files to the SD card and once you've finished you can then eject and remove the microSD card from the PC. Be sure you put the SD card back to the smartphone and the battery too. The last technique in this guideline on how to transfer files from BlackBerry to computer is by receiving your chosen files by e-mail. Before you start carrying out this method, you must be sure that the BlackBerry plan has been activated. The process is basically really easy as you will only need to create mail that contains the chosen files from the computer and then send it to the e-mail of your own BlackBerry. Then, you may save the files to your phone's directory.
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