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htc desire hd - set for smartphone super stardom

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-16
Based on the success of the original HTC Desire, the recently released Desire HD is one of the most advanced smartphones at present.
Have the latest Android 2.
The 2 operating system, as well as the powerful 1 GHzprocessor, provides an impressive list of specifications.
However, it does not sacrifice aesthetics because of its function.
In order to adapt to 4, the mobile phone itself is very important. 3 inch screen.
Its size is 123x68x11.
So it\'s actually 8mm grams, very light, 164 grams.
In order to navigate the HTC Sense UI, a responsive LCD capacitive touch screen is required, and it is very fast thanks to the fast processor.
Since 16 million colors are displayed in 480x800 pixels, it is also great in displaying pictures and videos.
This also makes it a great platform for games and surfing the Internet.
The accelerometer sensor is also included, which allows the screen to be viewed in both vertical and horizontal forms.
Thanks to Dolby Mobile and SRS Sound enhancements, the sound quality of HTC Desire HD is amazing, so it\'s also an excellent stand-alone multimedia player.
This versatile in-house media player supports a wide range of video and music file formats, while other entertainment features include the choice of gaming and radio players.
Hands-free communication is realized thanks to the built-in speaker system and 3.
5mm audio jack.
Of course, MP3 and WAV files can be designated as ringtones, which means that users can hear songs of their choice when the phone rings.
In order to store data such as multimedia files, there is a convenient 1.
Provides 5 gb of internal storage as standard.
However, there is also a pre-
8 gb cards are installed, although they can be replaced with up to 32 gb cards, which means that users may store thousands of music tracks or a lot of video clips, etc.
The HTC Sense processing feature shows not only the caller\'s aphoto, but also their birthday and Facebook status.
Browsing the network initially relies on 3g coverage, so the anHSDPA connection provides lightning-fast speeds of up to 14. 4 Mbps.
When approaching a wireless internet router, users can enhance the browsing experience with a WIFI connection.
HTC Desire hd also comes standard with Bluetooth and a Micro USB connection, allowing users to connect their phones to compatible hardware devices.
One of the more notable hardware features of HTC DesireHD is the eight-pixel digital camera.
It runs at a speed of 3264x2448 pixels, takes high quality static images and features autofocus, face detection and dualLED flash. Geo-
Tags are also provided, thanks to the features of GPS.
In addition, amera can also shoot 720 p video clips, and thanks to DLNA, users can stream HD clips to compatible TVs and enjoy their work on the big screen.
Multi-function Android 2.
The 2 operating system works with the 1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, which means that even the most demanding applications can be handled easily.
The fast user interface also makes HTC Desire HD a fun to use.
As the smartphone market is dominated by specific models, htc Desire HD offers an alternative to those who want to stand out from the crowd, and has a list of specs that make most other smartphones feel
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