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How You Can Quit Paying For Cable TV

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-31
Just Wait till you hear all about this. There is a software package out there that will give you access to more than 3500 television stations worldwide...right over the internet. In simple terms : how to watch tv on pc ... How neat is that!!! That's more tv channels than your cable and satellite television combined. How much? Just a one-time fee far less than the cost of 1 month on your current monthly cable bill! Fantastic!!! Is this just too good to be true? I thought so at first, but read on... In the 'Olden Days'... In the 'olden days' there was the television set. When I was a boy we had two local television stations...transmitting over an antenna mind you. Sometimes we would have to do all sorts of gymnastics with the tv antenna to get a adequate reception. If there was bad weather coming...YIKES!!! ... those 'ghost' images could drive you mad. Then Came The Wonder Of CableTV!!! Then came 'Ta Da'... CABLE TELEVISION!!! What an improvement. Now you could watch about a dozen or so tv shows in almost perfect clarity. No more need to be concerned about the weather, and you could give up gymnastics forever... All this was not free mind you...that fee every month really stung...but could see clear tv whenever you wanted. Then those premium cable tv stations came along...a bit more expensive...but those television programs sure were addictive. Pay per view was next, and yet still more expense... Soon those monthly cable bills really adding up...but we were addicted to the television shows. WHAT CAN ONE DO!!!! TA DA!!! Here is a software solution that you will love. With this software you can watch tv from your computer AT ANYTIME or ANYWHERE in the WORLD!!!! If you want you can connect your laptop directly to your television... HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! NOW JUST WHAT IS OFFERED Here's what this software package offers you: 1) No Subscriptions or Monthly Fees 2) No Hardware to Install 3) No Limits on Bandwidth 4) You Get Over 3,500 Television Channels 5) You get 24/7 Unlimited Access 6) You Get Auto Channel Updates 7) Now Available on MAC PC 1) This package is convenient. You can install it yourself in less than one minute. Regular satellite or cable tv requires a technician to come out to your residence. 2) Satellite or cable television has a very limited access in certain areas. This package is available anywhere and at anytime. All you will need is an internet connection. 3) This package does not need any extra hardware...just your PC or laptop. As you realize regular satellite or cable television requires a cable/satellite box. 4) Your regular satellite or cable television package has about 150 television channels. This software provides you with a tremendous 3500 channels of tv WORLDWIDE!!! 5) Now we come to the cost. This is the really great part! Regular cable or satellite television typically will cost you over $200 in installation fees and over $100 in monthly fees. This software package has no monthly fees, and you get unlimited usage as well. The Conclusion You HAVE to check this software out!!! For a very limited time you can have this software package at 1/3 of the regular retail price...but you have to act now!!!! Go Here!!
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