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How to Use Honda Civic iPod Adapter

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-28

Honda Civics is equipped with a built-inBuilt-in USB adapter for connecting an iPod, iPhone, or other Apple device to a car speaker system.You can view the songs in a specific playlist, or sort the audio content on your iPod based on an artist, song, or album, without touching the iPod.You can also use the controls on the left side of the steering wheel to control certain aspects of the iPod.It takes a few seconds to connect to the iPod, and you can master the control of using the connected iPod in less than a minute.Open the console between two seats in the front row of Honda Civic.At the bottom of the console you will see a small box with \"USB\" on it and a small cable on it.The end of the cable is the USB port connecting the iPod or iPhone.You can also connect other devices using a USB cable, but they may or may not work with the adapter.Plug the USB connector end of the iPod USB cable into the USB port of the cable end at the bottom of the console.Plug the 30-Pin connector on the other end of the IPod USB cable plugged in 30-Pin connector on IPod.To avoid damaging the iPod cable when closing the console cover, slide the USB cable over the button that opens the console cover and then close the cover.If Honda Civic is not running, start it.You will notice that the charging icon appears on your iPod indicating that it is powered on.Just because your iPod is charging doesn\'t mean Honda Civic can recognize it.Open the music app and you can check to make sure the iPhone or iPod touch is recognized.You should see a white screen with the outline of an iPod on it that says Attachment connection instead of the screen you traditionally see.Press the \"volume Press PWR\" button on the left side of the dashboard center audio controller to turn on the radio.Press the \"AUX\" button directly below the CD player.The display right above the CD player will display the iPod on the left and will display the total number of tracks in the current playlist on its right.Alternatively, you can turn on the radio and press the \"mode\" button on the left side of the steering wheel until an underarm input appears on the display.Press the tune Folder button sound button on the right side of the audio control once to open the iPod\'s control, which will always display the mode on the left.If you press the button more than once, you have to loop through the bass, treble, fade in and out, balance and other radio controls before going back to the iPod\'s control.After returning to mode, turn the wheel on the outside of the button and move between different modes of the iPod: Playlists, artists, albums, and songs.Playlists allow you to scroll the music in a particular playlist, artists allow you to scroll the music of a particular artist in alphabetical order, songs allow you to scroll all the songs on your iPod in alphabetical order, the album allows you to scroll through the music on a specific album.Press tune folder push sound to select the mode you want to search through music.Browse through any other folders in this mode, such as the album name, by pressing the tune Folder button sound button.Once you have found the song you want to hear, press \"tune folder push sound\" again \".After the song starts playing, you can start the process of moving to different modes again by pressing the \"tune Folder button sound\" button.Press \"CH\" and \"CH-\\ \"The button on the left side of the steering wheel can skip the track in the iPod section you are listening.Press volume and volume \"-\\ \"The button on the left side of the steering wheel can adjust the volume at any time.
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