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How to Transfer Images from a PC to a Digital Photo Frame

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-28
In the olden days people wasted huge amounts of money annually, purchasing frames to store their photographs. This has changed over the decades with advanced technology. Today almost every gadget has transited from analog to digital technology. However, the latter technology has not been devoid of problems. Many people find it difficult to use some of the digital items in the world. One digital product that has had many novices baffled is the digital photo frame. The latter device is used to store photographs. There are numerous advantages of using a digital frame. One is that it has the potential to store a large number of photographs. In a world filled with numerous digital items how does one transfer various types of data from one device to the other? This is the problem that many Digital photo frame owners face when seeking to transfer images either from a frame to another device or vise versa. Computers existed before the entry of the digital frames. Hence, many PC owners are resulting to transferring images that are in their PCs to their frames. When seeking to transfer images from a PC to a Digital photo frame, users can use two methods depending on the frames features. Many frames come equipped with a USB port and a memory card port. The first method of image transfer involves the use of a memory card. If the frame has a removable memory card, then users can use it to input images from the PC on to it. The other method involves the use of a USB cable. The latter cable usually has two connecting ends. One is small while the other is large. The latter connecting side will go to the USB port of a PC while the small part goes in to that of a frame. Once the Digital photo frame is properly connected to the PC, it will show on the computer's screen. In some cases, the PC will produce a sound. The sound produced confirms that there is a device that is connected to it. To start the transfer, one should open the 'hard disc' file found in the 'my computer' folder. The file will bring out all the contents in the frame. A user can either drag the photos he/she wants to transfer to the frame's content or copy paste. The latter is where a user copies all the pictures he/she wants to transfer in one folder and transfers them on to the frame in the JPEG format.
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