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how to sync mp3 music to your blackberry pearl

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-31
You need to sync your MP3 music stuff. Learn how to sync MP3 music to your BlackBerry Pearl. You need to use some external sources.
You need: USB cable is required to connect your phone to your computer.
Every version of the Pearl may not require a microSD card, but you need it to have more space on your phone to play music and leave room for other files saved on your phone.
BlackBerry Desktop Manager is the BlackBerry program required to perform the sync.
Before learning how to sync MP3 music to the BlackBerry Pearl, insert the MicroSD card into your pearl and you should add a microSD card to your phone, give it 1 gb to 32 gb of space (
For 9100 series).
BlackBerry 9100 series BlackBerry 8100 series download BlackBerry Desktop manager you can\'t sync MP3 music to BlackBerry without desktop manager.
The BlackBerry Desktop Manager transfers your music from your computer to your phone.
Finally, after a lot of preparation, we can show you how to sync MP3 music to the BlackBerry Pearl.
This will enable your phone to be an MP3 player that will allow you to listen to your music library on the road.
Referring to the BlackBerry product manual, screenshots are still the property of the respective developers.
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