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how to stay online in impossible circumstances

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-25
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Decoration: underline; letter-spacing: 0. 0px; color: 042eee}LAS VEGAS—
CES has taught some tough lessons in protecting the battery life and connectivity of your phone, tablet or laptop, starting with this: don\'t go to CES if you value these things. Having 175,000-
In addition, people are pouring into cities while constantly using email.
Mail, networks, navigation apps, and social networks will crash the wireless network and the battery will be in red.
All of this needs to be prepared in advance.
This can also help you overcome the challenges of battery and bandwidth.
Cable and charger: The first rule of CES is ABC: always charge.
If you stand still or sit down and see the socket, plug in your device.
However, tying yourself to a socket does not cover the convention of the Consumer Technology Association, so the external cell phone battery pack is the standard accessory here.
The charger and battery pack of your phone should also support highspeed charging.
Finally, when you buy your phone, tablet or laptop next time, please pay attention to the device that is charged via USB-
C cables make it unnecessary for you to remember to pack proprietary cables.
In some cases, these allow you to do not just from your laptop or (non-Apple)
Tablets and vice versa.
Monitor the power usage of your phone: both Android and iOS will show you which apps use the most power by opening the Settings app and then touching \"battery.
\"You may not see any outliers there, but you should consider uninstalling them if you do.
You can get more benefits from adjusting the entire phone\'s demand for data.
Disable wireless data-
In the Settings app for Android, click \"data usage \";
In the settings of iOS, click \"cellular \"-
If you can get through the difficulties by phone and text messages, the battery life of the device will be extended.
If your connection is very slow putting your phone in airplane mode will save you from the frustration of surfing the Internet, but stop the phone from running out of battery by trying to connect to the network over and over again.
Having backup bandwidth: using your phone as a WiFi hotspot can help you get out of trouble with your wireless network, but this option needs to be supported by your service plan.
Some prepaid services are not, \"unlimited\" T-
The Mobile One program launched by the operator last year and updated at CES will be bundled to 3g speed, which will make your laptop or tablet splash forward at several megabytes per second, rather than the 15 Mbps or higher speeds typically provided by LTE.
Note that using your phone as a hotspot will not only chew in the planned data allocation, but it will affect battery life more than anything you can do with it.
If you have wired Internet in your home, you can also use the free \"wired WiFi\" hotspot in about millions of places in the USS.
Log in with the username and password of the cable account.
Use apps that allow you to switch between mobile devices: only one device can get any connection on CES, which makes it very important to use the cloud
Let me move the hosting app between devices.
For example, by taking notes in Evernote, I can switch between my phone and my laptop (
If every device has enough bandwidth to sync my changes).
But if I start a story in the Apple TextEdit app on my MacBook Air, I can\'t do anything on my Android phone --
Or my iPad, if I want to bring it.
Google Docs does not have this issue and even allows offline editing
But in any case, I have to start writing this column in TextEdit because of the media
The WiFi in the room was empty.
Rob pegelois is a tech writer from Washington, D. C. C.
Submit a technical question, e-
Post Rob at rob @ robpegararo. com.
Follow him on Twitter. Com/robpegoraro.
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