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How to Recover Deleted Files or Photo From Hard Drive

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-29
Probably the most dreadful feelings that you could have is that suddenly your computer die or the hard drives damage, but you had not backed up data lately; especially if you have valuable music, photos, videos, documents or any other files on it. Well, from now on, be calm. Here we will mainly discuss how to recover photos or files from the dead computer. Manually Recover Photos, Files or Others Once there is something wrong with your computer, you would feel your world crash down, because computer systems are very complex. So if your hard disk continues to be functional, that means that very likely you have the opportunity to recover deleted photos, files or something else. In this case, you ought to get a specialized USB cable that may plug into your hard disk. Of course, there are various methods including PATA (IDE), SATA hard drives, hard drive dock or external drive cases, but personally the specialized USB cable is the simplest choice. Then you should take away the hard disk from the dead computer. For laptops, there is an access panel on the bottom of it, while for desktops, there are four Philips screwdrivers. Remove any cables and caddies the drive might have and then plug the USB cable in to the hard disk, after this plug the other end of the USB cable into a working computer. Now you will have the files on that drive, as long as the drive isn't encoded or using some form of security feature). Automatically Recover Photos, Files or Others Well, if your files are missing or erased, then the recovery program would be your fist choice. Then MagicCute Data Recovery is one of the bestselling tools designed for data recovery hard drive. Simple clicks will easily retrieve your accidentally deleted data or lost data from formatted or corrupted hard disk. It is Simple and easy to operate. No technical knowledge required. Simple clicks will do. Besides, it is also a safe and secure recovery tool. Rescue data in Read-Only mode. Keep everything remain the same after recovery. Conclusion For the lost files or photos, please do not give up hope that they can be retrieved. With some work, you are able to get back deleted files from the hard drives. However, the best measure you can take is backup, backup, backup! If you make it a habit of backing up regularly, there will be chances that you would minimize the loss of such a failure.
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