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How to Recover Data with Kvisoft Mobile Phone

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-29
Since the emergence of smart phones, more and more people become the mobile controllers. When they are on the way or subway or train, they are always playing phones to take photos or video, send email, surf on the net, etc. However, some issues may occur because of operational errors or others, such as accidentally deleted files from your phone, formatted mobile phone card, mobiles card got corrupted or inaccessible, power failure, virus infection and so on. Most mobiles and mobile devices use flash memory to store data. At that time, the first thing is that you cannot use it to take any new photos or record any new videos. Then you need restore data with phone data recovery. Fortunately, Kvisoft Mac Data Recovery Software is the powerful and excellent mobile phone data recovery software to recover files from your mobile phone. With this file recovery for mac, you can recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos and video files, even music and document files, etc. Step by Step to Restore Mobile Phone files quickly: Step1. Download this program and install it. You can free download the tool from Kvisoft products page. Then install as the directions. Step2. Launch software and sure media type. Please connect your phone to computer via USB cable, then open the program to run. You will see the Choose media type interface. Just choose Multimedia/Mobile Device to continue your data recovery. Step3. Scan your memory card. Select your mobiles to scan. This phone memory recovery provides you two scan modes: Quick Recovery and Deep Scan. If you just restore your deleted files, Quick Recovery is your choice to retrieve data quickly. But if you would like to store formatted data or files, please choose Deep Scan. After sure this option, click Start button to go on. Step4. Recover files on Mac easily. After scanning, you can review all scanned files and mark your recovered files. Then just hit Recovery button to restore your photos/videos/documents in few minutes and save them to your device. Note: If you cannot find the mobile phone, please check your settings and USB connected. Then just do your photo recovery with Kvisoft Phone Data Recovery. If your phone is Android OS, you can also learn this guide to recover files from Android.
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