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How to Put Music on Your Phone

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-12
In the past, the only time you would hear music on a phone was when you were on hold for a lengthy period of time during a call to a big corporation. However, mobile phones are changing the way consumers do a lot of different things. Modern smartphones can connect to the internet and download special applications that improve users' lives. Also, most allow you to buy ringtones from online and mobile marketplaces. Other online programs enable users to convert their own sound files into custom ringtones. Additionally, if you have a new device like an iPhone or the Droid X, you can store songs on your phone and play them at any time. Adding Music Files to Your Phone Via USB or Bluetooth If you have an iPhone, you will likely be adding your files through iTunes. The program is set up to automatically sync, so, if you want to choose your songs in a targeted manner, you might want to create a playlist of songs specifically for your iPhone. It is possible to only sync a playlist to your phone in the iTunes interface if you disable automatic syncing. Your Apple smartphone will come with a USB cable that connects the device directly to your computer. You can also listen to music on applications provided by companies like Pandora and . Most Android Market devices like Google's G2 from T-Mobile and the Droid X have music players as well. With an included USB cable, you are free to connect your Android smartphone to your computer. These devices are less restrictive in many cases, and you may be able to just directly copy the files using the Windows Explorer interface rather than being forced to sync them using a third-party program like iTunes. Many Android phones even allow you to transfer files using native Bluetooth functionality. This can be done over the air without a cable provided that your computer or other such device is equipped to handle Bluetooth technology. Combined Functionality: Music on the Go Whether you decided to buy the iPhone or an Android Market device like the G2 or the Droid X, there are lots of sound files available to serve as ringtones. Also, some carriers offer services like CallerTunes that allow you to set specific songs that play for callers while they wait for you to pick up the phone. With the ability to transfer songs via USB or Bluetooth, you can easily load your mobile device with a robust library of your favorite tunes. Consider these tips if you want to enjoy music on the go on your iPhone or Android Market device.
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