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by:ShunXinda      2019-09-02
Just like other data lines, the iPhone data lines are combined with transmitting data and charging, and because of the inevitable need for plugs and plugs, a high-quality data line will be damaged when used for a long time, not to mention fake, so how do you choose a premium iPhone USB cable to extend your use time as much as possible?Method/Program 1.Try to choose a brand.Although the price of the brand usb data cable is often higher than that of imitation, it is not easy to believe that it is cheap on the internet. many of them are fake. if you really don\'t know how to choose, go to the brand store.2.Generally speaking, the high-quality usb data cable is relatively soft and the quality is relatively hard.Soft data lines are generally more durable and easy to store, and those that are hard often do not charge or are unable to transfer data when used for a long time.3.When purchasing the data cable, we can try to see if its plug is working properly, it is difficult to plug the plug into the iPhone, and it is also easy to damage the slots of these fakes.So don\'t buy it unless it\'s very easy to insert.4.Packaging, product certification marks, etc.When buying the iPhone USB data cable, because it is too expensive, most of us are not willing to buy the original one. for those with brands, we have to check whether the packaging is in good condition, this is also true if there is a clear product source, production date, telephone manufacturer, address, certification mark, etc.5.Be careful when buying online.Now, the iPhone USB data cable sold online is quite cheap and the knockout competition is rampant. we will look for a regular power supplier and pay attention to the price of the original iPhone data cable 80%.6.Daily use note that you should not call or play games and watch videos, which will not only adversely affect the charges, but may also cause some security issues, especially for usb cables with poor quality, there is a risk of electric shock when you call.In order to extend the service life of the phone socket, do not insert and unplug the data cable and charge the iPhone frequently.
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