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How to Network Two Computers

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-11
A computer network is a setup where two or many computers connected to each other. By networking the computers, they can communicate with each others and share information between them. Through the network the files, printer and other device can also be shared. Two computers can be networked through a dedicated link. This link is achieved by sharing a common cable by the two systems. There are many other methods for networking two computers such as using null modem serial cable, Ethernet crossover cable or special-purpose USB cables. Out of these the most popular method is the Ethernet crossover cable. This cable offer reliable connectivity and also the configuration process can be completed in a series of minimal steps. Using this technology is beneficial in another way because it can be used to establish new connections when further systems come into the scenario. This cable can be used in even in a situation where one system has a network adapter and the other has a USB. The Serial and Parallel method, which is also called Direct Cable Connection (DCC) is also used, but the problem here is that of low performance. In terms of functionality, it gives the same result as Ethernet cables. In case the factors of network speed are not an issue, using the DCC option is ideal. In case of systems without Ethernet adapters, networking can be done through the USB cable option. Here an ordinary USB cable cannot be used because it can damage the system and so a special type of USB has to be used. In addition to these methods, it is also possible for systems to be connected using a central network fixture or device such as a router, hub or switch. The two systems can be connected to such devices using network cables.
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