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How To Make An RCA To USB Connection

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-10
An RCA connector is a kind of electrical plug used to carry audio and video signals. Older equipment is known for using these types of plugs, but computers and other new electronic devices have switched to a USB connection. RCA and USB connections are not compatible because their plugs are different shapes and sizes. There are RCA to USB cables available that make the process of transferring video/audio to a computer or receiver quick and easy. The cables have RCA compatible plugs on one end and a plug that fits USB outlets on the other. Both plugs fit the standard sized RCA and USB openings, so they should work with most electronics. Simply connect the RCA plug with the video camera or other piece of equipment and slide the USB cable side into the opening of the computer for a quick and easy connection. There are many reasons why a RCA to USB connector is useful. All those precious family home videos that are stuck in VHS form are expensive to convert to DVD professionally. Most people store the videos away and never have an opportunity to watch them because they no longer have a VCR in their home. Those personal memories should not be shoved in the back of a closet or in the attic when they can be brought back to life with a simple and inexpensive PC to video cable. Old videos and old audio files are hard to share. They need to be copied and mailed to a person who has the right equipment in order for them to watch or listen to them. Now, with computer technology, videos can be shared instantaneously with family or friends through email or social networking websites. An RCA to USB cable allows people to easily share video/audio electronically. RCA to USB cables are sold on numerous electronics websites on the Internet. This connector is a cost-effective way to convert video and audio on old tapes to electronic files. This technology makes it possible to finally dust off those old reordered memories to share with a few clicks of the mouse.
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