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How to Extend The Motorola Droid Battery Life

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-30
You can no only use your Motorola Droid smart phone to take digital pictures, but aslo to browse the internet and play a lot of multimedia games. With so many high-powered applications to run, the powerful battery is one of most important accessories for motorola droid cellphone . In general, the Droid's lithium-ion battery can last 7 hours of continuous use, while the phone is not being used, it can lasts for over eleven days, as the manufacturer claimed. You always know how much of a charge the battery has left by checking the visible indicator on the main screen of your phone. To check the current battery level, you can select the 'setting', the 'about phone' and 'status', the remaining battery charge will be displayed. When the battery is under 50%, charge the battery for you Droid. To charge the battery, just connect the charging cable to the Droid's USB jack, and the other end to a PC. Look at the small green battery icon, if a white lightning bolt icon is inside the battery, it is in charging mode. When the battery icon is solid green, it means it has been fully charged. However, there might be times you want to extend the charge of your Droid's battery (the motorola razor phone battery is the same), especially if you are not going to be able to charge it for a while. The first thing to do to extend your battery life is to turn off 'Automatic Applications Sync.' You can shut this off or make sure it is shut off by going first to 'Menu' then to 'Settings' and then to 'Accounts & Sync.' Next, turn off your bluetooth power if it is currently running. This is done by going to 'Menu' then to 'Settings' to 'Wireless & Networks' and then to 'Bluetooth.' If you are not using your Wi-Fi connection, you can extent your battery life by turning it off. You can do so by going to 'Menu' then 'Setting' then to 'Wireless & Networks' and then to 'Wi-Fi.' If you have not done so already, add the 'Power Control' widget to your Motorola Droid. You can do this by going to 'Menu' then 'Add' then to 'Widgets' and finally 'Power Control.' Once you've added the widget, open it up and you will see different options including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, and Display Brightness. Inside the 'Power Control' widget, turn down the 'Display Brightness' a couple notches to help conserve even more battery power.
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