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how to charge your ipod the expert way

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-18
Rechargeable lithium
Currently, technology-based provides the best performance for your iPod.
You can also find this standard battery technology in devices such as mobile phones and pda.
Like other rechargeable batteries, these may eventually need to be replaced.
Standard Technology lithium
Ion battery pack with higher power density than nickelBattery based.
Since lithium is the lightest metal, the battery life is longer in a lighter package.
You can also charge a lithium battery
The ion battery is OK for your convenience and does not maintain the full charge or discharge cycle required for nickel
Battery based on peak performance. (
Over time, crystals have accumulated in nickel
Based on the battery and prevents you from fully charging, so you need to perform an inconvenient full discharge).
The most standard lithium
Ion batteries charge the device to 80 of the battery\'s capacity using fast charging, and then they will switch to trickle charging.
This is equivalent to about two hours of charging time for the iPod, the capacity reached, and then charging the iPod for another two hours (
As long as you don\'t use the iPod while charging).
You can charge all the lithium.
A large but limited number of times defined by the charging cycle of an ion battery.
The charging cycle uses and charges 100 of the battery capacity equal to a full charging cycle.
The charging cycle means using all the power of the battery, but that doesn\'t necessarily mean a single charge.
For example, you can listen for a few hours a day with half your iPod\'s power and then fully charge it.
If you do the same thing the next day, it will be considered a full cycle, not two, so it may take you a few days to complete a cycle.
Each time the charging cycle is completed, the battery capacity is reduced slightly, but before the laptop and iPod batteries hold only 80 of the original battery capacity, you can put them into multiple charging cycles. Tip: Use Apple-
Brand cable for iPod only (
Dock connector)
The IPod mini is also charged on the dock, as long as the above computer conditions are met and the dock is connected to a computer-powered FireWire port.
How to charge an iPod battery through a power adapter or by connecting it to a computer.
The easiest way to charge the iPod is to connect the Apple iPod power adapter using the FireWire or USB cable that comes with the iPod.
Additional adapters are available at the Apple store.
The IPod\'s battery charges 80 in about an hour and is fully charged in about four hours.
You can disconnect and use the iPod before it\'s fully charged, and you don\'t have to wait until it\'s completely empty before charging again.
Battery icon at the top-
The top right corner of the IPod display shows the remaining power.
If you connect the iPod and the battery icon is not animated, its battery will be fully charged. Lithium-
Ion batteries, such as those used in the iPod, do not have the memory effect seen in nickel
Based on rechargeable batteries.
When the battery is full, stop charging.
For example, you can have it plugged in overnight.
Keeping your iPod connected all the time won\'t keep charging.
Disconnect the iPod after the battery is full.
Just: For more information, refer to the iPod\'s user manual and you can charge it by connecting the iPod to your computer.
If you use your computer to charge your iPod, please disconnect correctly after the iPod is fully charged.
Tip: observe all static
Safety precautions for working on an iPod.
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Street electric retailer
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