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How to Charge a Canon Power Shot Camera Battery

by:ShunXinda      2020-07-31
Digital cameras vary in demands on battery power required and as a result battery life be affected. Alkaline batteries have proven to have unpredictable and relatively short lives when used in digital cameras. As a result most serious users of digital cameras use high quality rechargeable batteries. These batteries are easily recharged and offer a significantly higher number of photo shots between charges and easily pay for themselves as they are used hundreds of times before replacements are required. The simple charging procedure requires minimum skill and knowledge. Turn camera switch to the 'off' position and turn camera upside down with the camera lens facing you. The battery access door and release switch is found on the far right side of the bottom deck of the camera body. Using thumbnail slide the battery door release switch upward and away from your body while at the same time applying pressure in the direction of the right side of the camera body. Note the position of the batteries in the battery housing. The battery nearest you will have its' positive pole up while the second battery will have its' negative pole up. This alignment is necessary for the camera to function once you have removed and replaced the recharged batteries. Slide both batteries out of the camera by turning the camera upside down and set the camera aside, Insert the batteries into the charger base being careful to align the positive and negative poles in the same direction. Close charger lid and plug power cord into the charger base and a wall AC outlet. A red light on the charger base indicates charging is underway. Typical charging time is 5-7 hours, however a new set of batteries may take significantly longer. Remove the fully charged batteries once the green light appears on the charger and place the batteries back into the camera battery compartment being careful to follow the proper rotation of battery poles mentioned in step 3 Close battery compartment lid by folding the lid down and sliding it to the left until it locks in place. It is beneficial when buying the rechargeable batteries and charger to buy four batteries at that time. This will allow you to keep one set of batteries in the camera and maintain a freshly charged set in the charger that can be used once the camera set is discharged. When purchasing battery charger be certain to include an DC/AC power cord which will allow you to use your charger in your automobile. This assures the ability to recharge batteries while travelling from one location to the next. Only recharge your batteries once they are completely discharged. Charging after half use of battery power can shorten the life of the battery.
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