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How Exactly Does the PSP Work When Putting Music

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-03
In order to add music onto your PSP, you need to use a USB cable to establish a connection between your computer and your PSP. After you would have connected the computer and the PSP, you must then click on the settings option on the PSP home screen, then click on the USB connection sub menu; click the 'x' button on the PSP controls in order for the computer to discover the USB. Next, on the computer go to 'my computer' and locate the PSP drive. You ought to create a new folder named 'music,' where your mp3 and other music files will be located. Go to the music folder on your gaming device and give the music files a test play. Decide you want to delete music files? Then just connect the computer and the PSP once more, via the USB cable and go to the music folder. Next, simply delete the music files from the computer screen, as you normally would. If you have downloaded music onto your computer and want to add the said music to your PSP, just follow the steps laid out above, it is the same process. Converting Video to the Proper Format In the case of movies, getting some videos onto the PSP is not as simple as in the case of music, as the PSP only plays a certain video type of format. In order to convert movie files,.avi,.wm and so on to a format that the PSP will run, follow these steps. First, you must install a '3gp converter.' When that is done, you simply unzip the file to a directory of your choosing. Then, install 'apple quick time,' as this program is necessary. After that, you will have to run the setup program, , which will be in Japanese because the program defaults to Japanese. Hence, you should select English from the drop down menu at the bottom of the setup window. Then, you will need to choose a PSP ready preset for the program, the two relevant ones will be, 'Model: MP4, for PSP and Model: MP4, for PSP (Direct, renamed).' Direct renamed will send the encoder straight to the PSP's memory stick, if you so choose. The recommended way, however, is to choose the 'Model: MP4, for PSP.' Why? Because you most likely will want to maintain backup copies of the PS ready movies on the computer. So, after selecting the 'Model: MP4, for PSP' option, click apply. The converter ought to now be launched; first of all, click the select box and select an appropriate directory to send the PSP ready movies. Next, set the video and audio quality in the drop down menu box in the center of the program. If you select a higher bit rate, this may mean a better quality video, but it also will mean that the file will take up greater space on the memory stick. When you have selected your desired bit rate, drag the video file to the converter. When the processing meter has made its way across, the file has been successfully converted into the proper format. How to move the video file onto the PSP. Connect the PSP to the computer using the USB cable then open the memory stick file directory. Double click on the icon on the computer that the PC has recognized the memory stick as, a removable storage device, opening the memory stick. A directory named PSP ought to be visible; this is where all of your saved games, music and photos are stored, however, the video will not be stored here. First of all, you will have to create a new directory in the root folder of the memory stick called MP_ROOT. After that, create a 100MNV01 directory inside the MP_ROOT directory. The video files will be sent to the 100MNV01 directory. Lastly, before you copy files you must name them appropriately. Video files must be named in the format of M4Vxxxxx. MP4 where 'xxxxx' is any five-digit number, for example, 00001 or 01323. The converter should then create a file with the THM extension. This THM file is simply a thumbnail image of the video that will appear in the PSP's menu for easier browsing of videos, but you have to name the THM file to match your newly renamed video file. Hence, if you rename 'that guy gets kicked down the stairs and falls on his face MP4' to 'M4V00006.MP4,' you have to also rename 'that guy gets kicked down the stairs and falls on his face, THM' to '' for it to still work. Then disconnect the PS from the computer, go to the video menu on your PSP, then you can play the files. It may finally be stated that it is far easier to get music onto the PSP than movies, but both are quite possible if you follow the steps defined above. How exactly does the psp work when putting music or movies on it? It works like a dream.
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