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How Do I Transfer Data From the Computer to My PSP?

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-06
The process of transferring data such as photos and music, from your computer to your PSP, is not as complicated as some people make it, as long as you can follow instructions well. However, you should note that the PSP value pack does not provide everything you need to complete this process. To perform the activity, you will need a larger memory stick duo, because the provided 32mb one does not provide much space to work with. You also need a USB cable, to establish a connection between the computer and the PSP. Firstly, you ought to connect the PSP and the computer using the USB cable; look in the settings menu on the PSP for 'USB connection' and click it. Then, your computer ought to state that it has found a removable disk, which is the PSP. Next, you should use windows explorer to look for the gaming device and create a folder named photo, if one is not already. Finally, all that is left to do is drop in the photos that you want on your PSP device. In the case of music, you should create a folder named 'music,' and drop in the mp3 files, as other formats will not work here, and that is the process! The capacity of your gaming device to hold music and/or music files will depend on the free space on your memory stick. This entire process ought not to take more than two minutes, depending of course on the number of files you are desirous of transferring. If you follow the process carefully, it should be a success, if not repeat the process, but this time, exercise a little more caution. The fact that the PSP does not come with a USB in order to complete the process of data transfer has brought the PSP under severe criticism from gamers worldwide. However, it is not expensive at all, so all is not lost. How do I transfer data from the computer to my psp? Well, to sum up, transferring data, like photos and music from the computer to the PSP is not hard, you just need to purchase a USB cable, a memory stick larger than 32mb and to follow the instructions laid out above. The process is nothing more than locating the data on your computer, and then dropping them in your PSP's relevant folder. Do that and you will be able to explore the capabilities of one of the best multimedia devices ever put on the market by Sony.
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