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History of remote control and hottest RC toys

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-03
Every people has ever own a toy, RC toys are always among the hottest toys, in RC history, there are two categories Wired remote control(kite) and Wireless remote control(remote control cars, flying fish and planes). When talk about the history of RC, we should first know that the remote control can be classified into two categories. 1) Wired remote control 2) Wireless remote control And as to the application of remote control in toys. The first thing that catches my mind is the Kite, a great pastime and a wired remote control toy! It is said that, the world's first kite is made by a craftsman Lu Ban in the spring and autumn period of wood. Kites have made their appearance over three thousand years, in China. All the right materials were found there, for its making: Bamboo for the frame, and silk for the sail and bridle. There are many kinds of shape, for example, animals, birds, flowers, fishes, almost every shape you can think. It had a mythical and religious dimension. Later it was experimented as a science instrument for various researches. From China, the kite was reproduced throughout Asia, then later, in Europe, and now, in the modern age, in America, Australia and other countries. But it suitable older children to play, because you must meet the wind quickly run to make it fly in sky. The first successful flight of the remote control helicopter was in West Germany, during 1968 by Dr. Dieter Schluter. The first ever RC car was built in the mid-sixties but they did not become available to the public until 1967, Over the past 50 years, remote control toys have become faster, using different power sources other than the battery and have increased in variety. And the power charger style have also increased in variety, for example, convenient USB charger. The basic principle working method of a remote control toy is that it requires a motor, power source, receiver and transmitter to work. The motor is responsible for the turning motions of the toy. The power source sends power to all working parts, including the motor. The transmitter enables control through radio waves and the receiver activates the motors. Many different types and sizes of remote control toys are available to the public worldwide. Types of popular remote control toys are airplanes, animals, boats, cars, helicopters, robots, submarines, trains and trucks. And one great site for remote control cars, flying fish and planes is: Take note of the safety labels on remote control toy packaging, as some toys have small parts that are hazardous to small children, if swallowed. And any HELP you can contact More RC toys at : Andy from
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