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High Quality DVI Video Broadcasting Format

by:ShunXinda      2020-05-02
The most-used video interface standard designed for high definition TVs and flat panel LCDs is now used with digital projectors and slim computer displays. DVI interface was first invented by Digital Display Working Group in April 1999. Since then it is widely used for multimedia broadcasting purposes. dvi is advantageous as DVI-D (digital) mode is partly compatible with the newer HDMI standard and DVI-A (analog) mode is compatible with VGA standards. A connector has 24 pins and four complementary sockets. A cable connector is specially designed to protect female DVI point and ensure that user cannot fit the two pins in disoriented format. DVI network is capable of transmitting uncompressed digital video data at moderate distances to compatible digital displays. DVI is not fully compatible with HDMI technology as it does not carry any audio stream in TMDS channel. DVI displays are not used with digital displays with sound system as DVI system does not support audio broadcast, by default. As DVI is partly compatible with HDMI, an audio stream can be induced in TMDS signal using DVI to HDMI converter. This feature is also used in some modern motherboard electronics as well as computer graphics cards. Some more advantages of DVI format include compatibility with DDC and EDID channels that allow a computer to communicate with multiple monitors. New DVI-I format is evolved from technical evolution over the years which supports both digital and analog data transfers. DVI-Integrated format works with both digital and analog consumer electronic display units. This is why exclusively digital DVI signal can be connected to an analog port. While DVI format is not widely used now as it is successfully carried forward by newer formats such as HDMI, very high definition video broadcasting is possible with DVI format.
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