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Have No Fear Electronic Cigarettes Are Here!

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-04
Everyone knows that cigarette smoking is bad for your health. The majority of cigarette smokers want to stop. Cigarette addiction is expensive, smelly and socially unacceptable in more situations every day. Unfortunately, for many smokers, the habit is extremely hard to kick. Technology has opened a new door with the introduction of smoke-free or Electronic Cigarettes. Based on vaporizing a solution of nicotine and glycerin, Electronic Cigarettes emit an odorless smoke that is much more desirable than conventional cigarette smoke. The unit itself comes in three parts. A replaceable mouthpiece or 'cartridge', a heating element or 'atomizer', and a rechargeable battery controlled microcomputer connect together to simulate a tobacco cigarette. A starter package will also contain a USB charger. The cartridge is the inhaler portion of Electronic Cigarettes. It holds the glycerin mixture, termed E-Liquid or E-Juice. The atomizer, with the help of the microcomputer, vaporizes the E-Juice and is inhaled by the smoker's mouth. An LED indicator, found at the end of the battery, will light up when the smoker takes a puff. The entire unit looks and acts like a tobacco cigarette complete with vapor and glowing tip. Electronic Cigarettes come with flavored cartridges that are refillable with E-Juice. There is a wide assortment of E-Juice options available to enhance the taste. Tobacco and menthol flavors geared toward name brand tobacco products, as well as exotic chocolate, vanilla, coffee, and cherry are popular flavors according to consumer research. The smoker may regulate the nicotine content of Electronic Cigarettes by selecting high, medium, low or zero strengths of E-Juice. This enables the user to curb nicotine consumption at a personally controlled pace. Vitamin enhanced flavors of E-Juice are also available. Starter kits for E-Cigarettes range in price from $30 to $250. Cartridges start at about $1.00 apiece and last for the equivalent of 14 to 18 tobacco cigarettes. E-Liquid can cost as little as three cents per refill. The challenge to quit smoking has a lot to do with nicotine dependency; however, nicotine is cleansed from the body after 72 hours of not smoking. Mental dependency poses a much more difficult contest to the cigarette smoker. Occupying the hands and mouth are obvious ways that smokers can benefit from Electronic Cigarettes. Curbing nicotine through E-Juice seems to be a good alternative as well. Non-flammable, odorless and non-restrictive to public places, Electronic Cigarettes might be the wave of the future.
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