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hard case, flip cover, bumper: which smartphone case to choose

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-27
The choice of the smartphone case is huge, so it is difficult to make a decision.
So how do you find the right box for your phone?
The choice of the smartphone case is huge, so it is difficult to make a decision.
Each type has its advantages depending on how you use your phone and how much protection you are looking.
\"The hard shell, the soft shell, the bumper and the flap are just four examples of different variants that differ from one another in terms of material,\" says Hayo Luecke . \", Smartphone experts from Germany
The hard shell is usually made of solid plastic, while the bumper is usually rubber-
Just like the material to deal with impact or fall.
A soft shell is usually made of flexible materials such as silicone or thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Luecke says.
Advantages: mobile devices feel significantly better in the hands.
But every soft case needs to be checked carefully before buying: \"If the material is too soft, the smartphone will fly out of the case in the fall,\" Abdul El-
German mobile phone repair specialist Chafei.
The lid should not be too thin, especially the corners should have good padding.
\"In general, it is better to choose a box with a thick edge and stand out from the display-this protects the screen in a frontal collision,\" El-Chafei says.
You can also get a glass or foil protector for the display.
Recommended by telecom expert Daniel Rottinger
Through the cover: \"This way, the user can comfortably react to calls and other messages without having to pull the device out of the shell.
Solid frames are also useful, he said: \"This is especially ideal for cyclists, because if the device drops, it will not have any consequences in the best case.
\"There\'s a major drawback to the hard shell, the soft shell and the bumper:\" They don\'t protect the sometimes most sensitive parts on the smartphone display, \"says Luecke. \". He favours so-
Called the flap case: \"The mobile device is not only placed in a hard shell, but the front is also protected by a hinge cover.
\"Luecke advised the bumper because it could not protect the front or rear from damage.
\"If the phone falls to the ground, every smartphone user will get annoyed and there will be annoying scratches even if the display is not split,\" he said . \".
Metal enclosures are also not recommended as they affect reception and transmission as well as battery life.
You can also buy smartphone enclosures with integrated batteries-\"These are especially useful if you use apps that have a strong demand for batteries or take a long time
Luecke points to the popular augmented reality app Pokémon Go.
There are also extreme burdens and demands.
\"The outdoor shield is not only particularly shocking --
\"It is not only waterproof, it also protects the phone from water and dust,\" Luecke said . \".
However, the disadvantage of these bulky cases is that because it becomes more difficult to press the button or plug in the charging cable, it can be very troublesome to use the phone.
As in all other cases, the same information is available here: test it in the store before purchasing. —
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