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hands on: livescribe 3 smartpen

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-04
One of the less interesting parts of journalism is copying. Being self-
Taught means that shorthand is not an option, so it is a necessary evil to drag a tape recorder during an interview.
Except for the itchy recording being drowned by the noise in the cafe or the battery falling in the middle and dying
During the interview, the biggest drawback is to listen to the recorded audio repeatedly while typing.
This could be an extraction process, which leaves enough room for errors if the records are not working properly.
Leave Livescribe 3 Smartpen to enter the stage.
This is a curious beast.
It not only records interviews, but also syncs writer graffiti with the audio it records.
So, is Livescribe the answer to eliminating the pain of my transcription?
Look and feel Livescribe looks and feels like high-
End writing tools.
Even for long writing, it feels solid and comfortable.
When you twist the ring in the middle of the pen, the tip of the ballpoint pen pops up.
This will also activate the Bluetooth of the pen-
Intelligent function.
The Flip also allows you to use the top of it as a stylus, which is very handy for controlling the Livescribe app.
The pen has ARM 9 CPU, infrared camera and rechargeable battery (
I managed to get less than 14 hours before I needed to charge).
Livescribe is clever and convenient to use. A small built-
In the camera, the text is recognized when the device running the Livescribe app records the audio and takes it the same step as the digital handwritten version.
Use special paper so that the camera can track the movement of Livescribe.
Recording/playing/pausing and marking controls are also included.
Tapping them with Livescribe pen activates them.
Livescribe needs the app to do what it does.
When I found out there was no love for Android.
The Livescribe app is for iOS devices only.
Luckily I have an iPod touch to use.
Getting started includes installing the Livescribe app, which is a hassle-free process.
In the middle twist ring of Livescribe, the Livescribe app asked me to make the pen and iPod a good friend.
The Livescribe app is home to all the digital versions of my doodle.
There are several views available and the most intuitive one is the notebook view similar to the old one
School notebooks for viewing pages.
The Feed view is also handy as it organizes my doodles along the timeline and makes them easy to find.
The Pencast view allows me to listen to recordings that sync with my graffiti.
This is not too much emphasis.
Being able to hear what others say when I write proves to be a good memory jogger.
Only tap the text to play the relevant audio.
I also like to share notes with Dropbox and Evernote, which makes it very easy to view notes on other devices.
Livescribe 3 Smartpen sells for $249 in New Zealand (inc GST)
Including a 50-
Laptop, as well as micro USB charging cable and black Hard Alloy Media-
Tip cartridge.
Professional Edition for $329 (inc GST)
Includes a 100 leather smart pen combination
Paper hardcover journal plus one-
Order Evernote Premium for one year as well as charging cables and extra cartridges.
If you make a lot of records, Livescribe is probably the doctor.
As a pen, it is a beautiful piece of hardware with the look and feel of Mont Blanc or Mt Parker.
Unfortunately, there is a disadvantage. The iOS-
The only nature of Livescribe will be the display stopper for the fastest-growing and largest segment of the smart device market.
Thankfully, Livescribe says Android support should be available later this year.
If you are a person who has done a lot of interviews or other notes, then there is no reason not to go to the interview.
Even though I had to test it with an aging iPod, the Livescribe app is perfect for translating my mystery doodle back to the available text.
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