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Guide For Setting up Mac Mini Bluetooth

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-04
The Mac Mini system was the first scaled down Macintosh system that was shipped without any display, keyboard or the mouse. The mouse, display and the keyboard can be plugged in the system externally. For plugging the devices into the system, either the USB ports are utilized or the Bluetooth capability is utilized for the wireless connection of the system. If you need technical assistance for the same, seek computer services from the remote computer repair providers from the websites. You can select the computer support packages based on your requirement and receive the setup of the Mac Bluetooth also. The Bluetooth of the Mac Mini system should be activated and also the Mac Mini should be set up for recognizing the devices. For the setup there is the requirement of Wires USB mouse, Wired USB keyboard, monitor, HDMI, 4 to 6 batteries, Bluetooth capable mouse, and the keyboard also. Steps to setup the Mac Mini Bluetooth Plug the power cable of Mini into the power port which is located in the Back of the Mini system. The other end should be plugged to the electrical outlet. Plug the USB cable of the wired mouse into the other available port on the back of the Mac Mini system. Connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the back of the Mac Mini system. Follow the instructions which are provided with the monitor for connecting the power cable and then plug the same into the power outlet. Switch on the monitor and then press the power button on the back of the Mac Mini system. Put in the batteries to the Bluetooth keyboard and the mouse. Use the instruction provided with the devices and after this power both the devices on. Click on the icon of 'System Preferences' which is on the bottom of the screen as the computer presents the desktop. The icon of the System preferences is situated next to the icon of stickies. You will find the name of the icon, if the cursor is moved. You can also click on the 'Apple' icon on the upper left corner and then select the option of the 'system Preferences' from the drop down menu, and you will see the window of the system preferences. On the System Preferences Window, select the icon of the 'Bluetooth' in the section of Internet and Wireless. After this, select the checkboxes which are next to 'On' and 'Discoverable', this will help to disable the Bluetooth on the Mac Mini system. Select the option of 'Set up New Device' button to run the Bluetooth setup assistant program and then wait for the Mac for detecting the devices. The name of the discovered devices will appear on the screen. Select the name of devices and click on 'Continue' and wait till the pairing is complete. After this close the windows. Unplug the USB mouse and the keyboard cable also. The tech support assistance can also be taken from the expert technicians for getting the resolutions for Bluetooth on Mac mini system.
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