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google to begin shipping glass to developers, reveals specs

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-28
Google is getting closer to releasing glass to the public, saying it will start shipping early versions of smart glasses to app developers this week.
The Silicon Valley search engine giant sold $1,500 worth of glasses to people attending the developers conference last year. This week, the company notified some buyers that the first batch of equipment had been completed and was ready to ship.
\"Instead of waiting for all devices to be ready, we want to start delivering them to you now,\" Google said in the letter . \".
\"We will inform you in the waves and we will inform you once we are ready to invite you.
\"Quiz: How much do you know about Google?
Google also posted detailed specifications of the Glass online.
The highly anticipated device has what the company says is \"equivalent to 25-
From an inch HD screen 8 feet away.
In addition, Glass is equipped with 12 gb of available storage space and 5-
A million-pixel camera that can record 720 p HD video.
It has a micro USB port that charges the battery and can be accessed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Google says the glass battery will last all day.
Google also said the glasses will come with nosepads of different sizes.
Nosepads are adjustable, and the \"durable frame\" of the glasses fits in any size, Google says.
When the winner of Google\'s February IfIHadGlass competition will receive their device has not yet been heard.
Also: The Boston website is closed;
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