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google chromecast 3 review

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-25
The original Google Chromecast was launched in 2013 as a cheap and convenient way to stream content to TV.
Chromecast 2 followed suit and went public in 2015 with a long shelf life.
Google has now launched the third generation Chromecast, which brings incremental updates in the form of a slightly updated design and 15% faster performance.
The price of Google Chromecast 3 is Rs.
3,499, available in India via Flipkart.
Small retail box with Chromecast itself, 5 w power adapter, long Micro
USB cable and common documentation.
Like Chromecast 2, this new device Sports hockey-puck-
Just like the design of sticking out the HDMI cable from one end.
It features matte finish and looks smooth, attracting less dust and scratches than its smooth predecessor.
There are two variations in the world, chalk white and charcoal black, but so far India has only the latter.
The HDMI plug is no longer magnetic to the back of the device, which seems to us to be a design regression because Chromecast is now helplessly shaking from anything inserted.
There\'s a button next to the microcomputer.
USB ports that can be used to reset the device.
Chromecast 3 still uses the old Micro
USB port setting Chromecast 3 is like connecting the device to a TV, downloading the Google Home app from the Play Store or app Store and following on-
Screen description.
Google Chromecast still relies entirely on other devices and lacks a dedicated user interface.
There is no UI or remote, which can sometimes be very inconvenient, for example, when you receive a voice call while playing a video from your smartphone.
It\'s also a hassle to constantly wake up the phone to enter the play controls on the lock screen.
The Google Home app has recently been redesigned and is very easy to use.
It allows you to change various Chromecast settings and highlight trend content from compatible apps on your phone.
Currently, Chromecast 3 supports more than 800 applications including Hotstar, SonyLIV, Voot, Netflix, Gaana and Jio Cinema.
Of course, Google\'s own apps such as YouTube, Google Photos, Google Play Movies and Google Play Music are also compatible.
It is very simple to use Chromecast.
All you have to do is click on the Cast icon in any compatible app and you can start.
Google claims a 15% performance boosta-
2 for Chrome.
In terms of clicking the actor button and getting the content to actually start playing on your TV, there\'s definitely not that much delay, but it\'s still far from instant.
Of course, it depends a lot on the speed of your broadband connection.
Android users can also mirror the screen of a smartphone to a TV.
Just launch the Google Home app and click the \"cast screen\" button and Chromecast will mirror your entire screen to your TV.
Sadly, this experience is not ideal and there are occasional frames --
Rate drops and jitter.
IPhone/iPad users are unlucky because iOS does not support screen mirroring.
Although there are some workarounds, they are not convenient.
Earlier this method could be used to play content from Amazon Prime Video, which Chromecast did not officially support.
Amazon has now disabled this feature.
The app successfully mirrors on the TV, but only the audio passes when playing the video.
Replace the actual video with a black screen.
If you are an avid user of Amazon\'s video streaming service, you should definitely use Fire TV Stick.
However, the YouTube app is not supported by Fire TV Stick, so you have to decide which service is more important to you.
There are fewer games on the big screen. than-
First-class experience, because there is an obvious delay between clicking on the mobile screen and seeing the results on the big screen.
This is the most obvious in fast games.
Such as Asphalt 9: mobile visual effects such as Legend and PUBG.
Similarly, you can cast the content of any website from your PC/Mac by installing Google Chrome\'s Chromecast extension.
On supported sites such as YouTube, this plays videos directly on your TV.
For others, the entire web page is mirrored.
However, you still need a smartphone running the Google Home app to set up Chromecast. The third-
Generation Chromecast launched support for 60fps video streaming at 1080 p.
Previously, only 30 fps under 1080 p was supported, and 60 fps was limited to 720 p.
If you just bought a brand
New 4 k Smart TV, as 4 k TV, you have to go beyond Google to meet your streaming needs
The enabled Chromecast Ultra is not refreshed with the standard version.
As expected, the new Chromecast works well with other Google services.
You can use the voice control device (
For example, let it play Narcos on Netflix)
Via Google Assistant on your smartphone, or if you have a Google Home device.
We tested this feature with the Google Home Mini and it worked smoothly.
This new Chromecast is definitely an incremental update.
The video quality is still limited to 1080 p and the performance improvement is very small.
It is more stylish and faster than Chromecast 2, but there is no significant improvement in design.
Google doesn\'t do anything big about Chromecast 3 and it\'s easy to understand why.
The company feels a bit behind the quasi-system approach to streaming devices-the-times in 2018.
Those who have invested heavily in the Google ecosystem will be well served by Chromecast 3, which is available through Flipkart in India.
Others should stick to Amazon\'s Fire TV Stick, which costs only a few hundred rupees more than Amazon.
Fire-fighting TV sticks can play content without being bound by a smartphone, users
Friendly interface with beautiful voice remote control.
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