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Good Robot Toys For Kids

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-05
Creativity and curiosity of kids are simply amazing. Along with their immense imaginations they also use to pick the concepts from the real life. Kids always use to wonder and think about the working and mechanism of the devices which they see working in front of them. No one can deny that curiosity is the best teacher. Along with the theoretical knowledge and concepts there is a necessity of making the kids learn through the practical approach also. As, the practical approach provides the kids to understand the concepts in a very lucid manner and clearly. Robot kits and toys not only provide entertainment to the kids but also do help them in learning the basic concepts of science and math through practical approach. In order to promote the concept of learning with fun along with the wise concept of cause and effect learning many robotic kits and robot toys are present in the market. Let us have an overview of some of the robot toys which are very well appreciated: 1. DESK PETS MICRO CARBOT (BLUE): With having great four playing modes, this is truly an action packed car. It is the world's first which can be controlled with smart phone and micro-robotic race car. One can test its driving and racing skills and can also switch the playing mode from racing to multi player battling and shooting. The carbot has also got the interesting feature of maze solving and passing through the way by avoiding the obstacles which it comes across while traversing the path. It comes with a smartphone adapter in the kit and with a free downloadable application one can select the different modes for playing. 2. IR REMOTE CONTROL INTELLIGENT ROBOT DOG: This robotic dog toy can be controlled remotely within a distance range of 10 meter. It comes in three different colors that are in black, white and blue. This toy is made up of plastic and it can be powered up with 4XAA batteries which need to be purchased separately. It can walk; run, sing, dance, and can raise practical math questions. 3. LITEHAWK II MINI 3-CHANNEL R/C HELICOPTER: This is an upgraded version of LITEHAWK and is considerably described as the true successor to the manufacturer's first helicopter. This robotic toy comes in two color variants that are in blue and in white. LITEHAWK II can be controlled by a remote control and it comes with an USB charger. Kids can also fly it in stealth mode as the chassis and nose lightning are controlled from the remote. Not only can this speed of the helicopter be increased remarkably as the manufacturer has added the boost button to its remote control. 4. OWI 3 in 1 SOLAR STALLION KIT: This robot toy lets the kids know about the power of the solar energy and about its advantages. This kit is recommended for the kids of ages up to 10 and up and it provides the hands-on experience to them. One can make models from it by their own as it comes with the building instructions for the making of horse trainer, chariot or Pegasus. With having advantages this robot toy is inexpensive one which simply encourages kids to learn about the renewable solar energy.
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