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Get Satellite TV on You Computer For Free

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-05
With the internet being a huge thing today it has changed the way we do all kinds of things. We can now pay our bills online, keep in touch with family and friends without having to sit down and write a letter. Now the internet is even changing the way the average person watches television. That is correct you can now watch all your favorite programs online while traveling the world or just sitting in the park. The choice is up to you; however with this technology you do have a choice. With the ability of today's high-speed internet, it is possible to watch television through your computer. Software has made it possible to turn your computer into a satellite television by converting the cable link to your computer. Thousands of channels are available through the internet and can turn any computer into a satellite TV. To start you can find many satellite channels all throughout the internet on certain websites. When you are watching television through satellite you can watch many channels from all different types of countries all around the world. When searching for the names of all of the websites that offer free satellite you may want to do a quick search in Google for the relevant keyword terms. One way you can have satellite TV for free is to get a pctv card. This card will allow you to watch satellite TV from your computer. You just have to slide in the card into your computer and then you will be able to watch TV. Of course you also must have an internet connection. This is a good way to watch television from your computer for free as you will get everything regular satellite TV has to offer. These cards run anywhere between $200-$300. Another method to get satellite TV for free is to make use of PCTV cards. These cards are hardware that configures our computer to receive satellite TV feeds. You can find both external and internal PCTV cards. Application is similar to other PC peripherals and they can be connected externally through a USB port. If you do not have a spare USB port, you can always buy an adapter off the rack from computer stores. It should be pointed out here that you should at least have your hardware spruced up to meet the specifications of satellite TV viewing. Your CPU should at least be of Pentium 3 caliber with a hard drive that can actually handle continuous live video streaming. The minimum processing speed should be 333 MHz or more. You would also need a sound card and speakers (or earphones); a video card; and a Windows based operating system. Obviously enough, this set-up entails an Internet connection. Wi-Fi should do well, but so can satellite based Internet access.
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