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by:ShunXinda      2020-08-06
The cables on the mother board are referred to as bus and they transmit signals form the random access memory (RAM), to processor, and to the storage devices like the hard disk. For the computer to communicate with the peripheral devices e.g. monitors, printers, hubs, speakers, routers, and other peripherals, external PC cables are required. There are very many external pc cables that usually depend on the device to be attached to the computer. These include:- Display port cable - These are the cables that connect the PC to video display unit (VDU). Others under this category are the DVI cables which connects analog or digital signals to a high-definition displays. CD ROM and floppy drive cable - For plugging in CD ROM and and DVD RAM to the computer. Fire wire cables e.g. 4-pin DV cable that aid in connecting firewalls that prevent external and internal invasion of a local area net work (LAN). CAT5e and CAT6 - These are cables that are used in networking these cables are normally fixed in to RJ45 connector using a special crimping tool ones fixed to RJ45 connectors, the cables are connected to a hub or a router on one end and the other end connected to the computer. AT & PS2 Key board and mouse cables. These cables are usually used to connect that mouse and the key board to the computer the very latest ones usually use a universal serial bus (USB) connector. These cables connect plug and play peripherals. Parallel cable - These are used to connect computer hard ware like parallel printers and PBX boxes in the net work. IDE cables- these cables are used to connect storage devices like hard disk to the computer. The IDES cables have got female ports on either side and on one end they are connected to to a male connector mounted on the mother board and on the other side connected to the male connector on the storage device. some adapters that are very common include VGA adapter for connecting M1,DVI, Display port , USB devises etc. These adapters are specially made to and are either plugged into male or female ports. The adapters are easy to fix as they can only fit into the special port they are meant for One does not need to have a lot of skills to fix them. Audio adapters are also very common. These adapters protect computer peripherals like speakers especially when there is a power surge. USB adapters - these are specially made to connect almost all USB connector for use with a usb port. It is important to note that there are many more cables and connectors that exist but the most important of all of them is that they are specially made in such a way that any computer user with computer basics is capable of fixing or connecting them with ease.
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