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gear friday: google chromecast ultra

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-05
Google has updated its small Chromecast streaming video device, added Ultra moniker and 4 k support, and the dynamic range of content is also high.
The last one is the missing link for 4 k.
This means that not only can you get a much higher resolution than 720 p and 1080 p, but you can also get better color reproduction for more liveslike video. All that high-
The high dynamic range requires sufficient bandwidth for transmission.
Google recommends that for Chromecast Ultra, your internet connection should be at least 20 Mbps downstream to stream 4 k video.
My VDSL2 connection is currently running down at 50 Mbps, up at 23 Mbps and well handled 4 k video streaming on Ultra;
Please note that you would like to ensure a good Wifi connection (
Use 5 GHz radio on the router for optimal throughput)
Or plug in a wired Ethernet cable with high chromium
Speed of work.
Of course, you also need a newish TV set that can display not only 4 k, but also colors in a high dynamic range with 10 or 12 bits of information for each tone;
Because the entertainment industry is paranoid about piracy, the HDMI port plugged into the Chromecast Ultra must support Intel\'s high
Bandwidth Digital Content Protection version 2.
Refresh rate of 2 frames per second and 60 frames-
Most new videos are available.
Chromecast Ultra is a small black disc with a diameter of 58mm and 13. 7mm thickness.
However, this is not all about Chromecast Ultra: a short HDMI cable is sticking out of the device and it also needs to be powered via a micro USB port (
Adapter provided)
So there will be wires to hide.
It\'s very easy to set up Chromecast Ultra: plug it into the right HDMI port on your TV and download the Google Home smartphone app (Android and iOS)
This is odd enough to find the Chromecast Ultra before you add the device to the Wifi network, and if needed, change some settings and it will update to the latest software.
As Google hardware, you are asked to add Chromecast Ultra to your big G account, and then it can stream.
Well, it\'s pretty simple that you use your phone to look for Netflix movies to \"vote\" on TV.
Looking around for 4 k content to pour, Netflix it, Walmart too
The Vudu we have-
Unless you\'re walking around with a VPN, there are free youth, of course.
It\'s not an amazing choice, but it gets better and better over time.
Quickstreaming is available along with other streaming services, as well as music played through Google, Spotify, and Pandora.
4 k looks great compared to 1080 p in my opinion and I won\'t miss it.
The little Chromecast Ultra does a great job of playing 4 k videos, no buffering or stuttering, and the 1080 p thing looks good too.
Still, you pay more to get 4 k support for chrome plating;
The Ultra is priced at $109, compared to the standard 1080 p streamer for $59.
Even though the price is higher, it is amazing that you can get the high price
Play quality 4 k through such a small device.
A new 4 k TV is likely to have Chromecast Ultra streaming without using a smartphone as an interface and remote control, and it is also easy to playback locally stored content.
This is really the key to making the most of Chrome Super: you need to explore the third one
The party app ecosystem and find software to bypass the restrictions, such as not playing locally via Google Home.
The problem is that many of the Chromecast streaming apps I see are trying to spam you with ads, and I would be surprised if they have the right to get what they provide.
In other words, be careful where you go.
On the right side of the fence, though, the Chromecast Ultra is a convenient and cheap media player of superior quality.
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