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Garmin Nuvi 40LM - Perfect Portable Navigation Device

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-06
The information technology has penetrated into our lives bringing along a lot of convenience and time saving. There are many kinds of electronic devices that are being designed to perform dedicated functions like audio players, digital cameras, tablets and navigation systems. When you have to buy any such equipment, the first thing you have to consider is the different functions you need your device to perform. The next thing is to find out which brand will be the one that provides you best functioning in affordable prices. If you are going to purchase a navigation system, one such option is a Garmin nuvi 40LM. Garmin is a producer of number of such navigation systems using the GPS technology. When you go through the Garmin reviews, you will find it a very resourceful device. It does not have any redundant features and is designed to offer accurate navigation of your destination at very affordable prices. The device is designed to be sturdy enough so that it can bear up the bumps and bounces that come your way. The touch-screen is 4.3 inch wide to provide the user a clear vision from a long distance. Apart from providing you the path to follow to reach your destination in time, it also ensures that your journey is safe with the help of its lane assist feature. This feature helps you to change your lane safely by indicating the space required to take the turn. It indicates all such warnings much prior so that you can take your decision. Another very desirable feature of this device is the talking system. The device pronounces the name of the street you are crossing loud enough to be heard clearly so that you don't have to look at the screen again and again. At one corner of the device, there is a speed limit indicator which will keep you informed of the highest speed that can be achieved at the road and will flash in red color if the speed of the vehicle crosses this limit. The user friendly interface of the device allows you to easily select the options and suggests the shortest path to follow to reach your destination well in time. The device comes with a rechargeable lithium ion battery which gives a backup of two hours of use once it is charged fully. The unit comes with a power cable, a USB cable and a micro SD card for expandability of the amount of data that can be stored in it. The device can be customized in many ways to deliver you a friendly usage experience. Also the maps that are stored in it can be updated any number of times so that your device never becomes obsolete. The only disadvantage of the device you will find in Garmin reviews is that it can hold the maps of up to 48 states only and if you want to accommodate more, you can go for the next member of the Garmin navigation systems family that is the 50LM. Also there is no power mount available so you either have to keep it fully charged or you can use the USB cable to charge it during long journeys.
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