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garmin nuvi 1450lmt 5-inch portable gps navigator: is this gps navigator worth the cash?

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-08
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Garmin has always been known for producing the most famous and famous GPS navigators known for their best reception effects.
This GPS device has a wide touch screen that is easy to read, and it has specialized features that even show the amount of fuel your vehicle consumes.
For those who need help choosing the right lane while driving, this GPS device has a special feature to help them.
Specifications of Garmin nü vi 1450LMT 5-
Inch Portable GPS Navigator resolution: 480x272 pixels, Screen: 5 inch wide, text indication, dedicated screen JPEG view multi-point routing that can be read even in the sun, lane assist for intersection view (
Help you choose the right lane)
, Designed to display additional data on map screen, world clock, currency, weight, distance converter, etc.
Calculator This package includes the following: GPS unit, vehicle suction cup holder, pre-loaded North American city Navigator NT (U.
USA, Canada and Mexico)
, Dashboard discussion person guideFM traffic reception and vehicle power cord, USB cable, why Garmin nü vi 1450LMT 5-
This fantastic device is not only a direction coach, but also offers you many other things to help you on the go.
The lane assist feature of this GPS navigator guides you through the selection of the right lane and tells you when a lane change is needed.
This prevents skipping the turn and then driving many extra miles back to the rout.
The route direction of this equipment is very accurate.
This unique design gives you up to ten routing options that you can also save to view at any time you need.
If using this navigator, no one can get off track because it keeps telling you exactly where you are, then the hustle and bustle of updating the map will also be resolved.
You can download the updated map for free four times a year. This is not all.
This small worker has many other features such as Calculator, currency converter, direction to the nearest hospital, gas station, police station and emergency locator to prevent you from getting lost.
This gadget has a complete set of comfortable extras, such as currency exchange, which is very useful when you travel outside of home features.
It also comes with an emergency locator so you don\'t get lost in the middle of nowhere.
This feature also leads you to the nearest hospital, gas station and police station.
Cons: few users suggest that it takes a long time for the device to sync and download the map with the satellite, because the map file is too large.
Many users don\'t like pop-ups that display ads.
Few people forward complaints about displaying information such as street names.
It is told that the map will not show the names of all streets and roads even if it is enlarged.
To some extent this is more comfortable for users as it avoids unnecessary clusters on the screen while looking at those routing conclusions nü vi 1450LMT 5-
Inch Portable GPS Navigator got a very positive review on Amazon.
It got 4 out of 5 stars.
According to 800 comments, an average of 1 star.
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