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gaming tablet linx vision 8 - a portable alternative for consoles

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-16
Tablets have completely changed the way people play games and do business.
Tablet prices range from $50 to $500.
Cheap tablets are considered to be small devices with android operating systems and low graphics, but there are also devices that provide exceptional functionality for users.
It\'s hard to find high in old times
Terminal features and low prices, but all of this can be achieved with the new Linx device.
The new Linx device costs only a $150, and in the era of android device dominance, this windows tab will definitely keep you hooked on your seat.
Many other tablet manufacturers have made high
But end the device by doing tab price comparison;
It turns out that Linx Vision 8 has a priceto-feature ratio.
The tablet is full of outstanding features with the following features and specifications: Design: Linx Vision May 8 looks like another non-
Descriptive black blocks, but under the skin is powerful technology that can support multiple games and provide a good solution for players.
The design and shape are similar to the IPad Mini, and the only thing that can distinguish between the two is the Windows logo located directly below the display.
At the top of the screen;
You will also find a 2MP camera.
The tablet is protected by rubber skin on the back and sides, which makes it easy to handle as well.
You\'ll find two speakers on the back of the tablet, which also comes with a 2MP rear camera.
The only downside to the tablet design is the lack of connectivity, if you belong to a group that likes to connect USB and other devices to the tablet;
Then you\'re disappointed. However;
There may not be USB support, but you will get an SD card slot that is completely on the side.
On the other side you will find a microHDMI and micro-
The USB and headphone jacks are placed at the top of the tablet.
The tablet can easily connect to the LED screen using the HDMI port, and you can play all your favorite games on the tablet.
Display and performance: The tablet has 8. 1-
The inch screen with a 1280x800 IPS display and the viewing angle and image quality are also very attractive.
The tablet also performs well in the contrast and brightness sectors, showing much better performance than the same-priced device.
Tablets are made by many
Core processor and function 32-
Bit Window 10 system.
Players around the world are impressed by the appearance and performance of the tablet, and it is safe to say that this is the cheapest tablet to provide users with game options.
The tablet can easily connect to the XBOX One, and you can control all the features of the console.
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