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galaxy s7 teardown reveals multiple repair problems

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-29
IFixit does a typically excellent disassembly of the Galaxy S7 and raises some concerns: The biggest problem is that it is almost impossible to repair without a significant risk of further damage.
Some of the problems arise from the fact that the cable of the soft button is wrapped around the backing frame, which means that if something on the board needs to be repaired, you have to remove the OLED display.
The same is true for microphones and USB ports, all of which are placed on the sub-board.
IFixit is attacking the repair capability of S7, saying in disassembly: S7 is the fact that IP68 is waterproof and dust --
Samsung chose the full glass design instead of the plastic rear housing
This is part of the reason why accessing components is so difficult.
The front and back glass plates are fixed in the proper position with adhesive instead of screws, which means that some tips need to be used to melt the glue and remove it.
Bury the middle frame, seal the headphone jack with rubber, and seal the panel with adhesive, all to ensure that the equipment is as waterproof as possible.
But, as iFixit says, it\'s also a nightmare to fix it.
This is a bigger problem when non-water-related damage needs attention.
This may not be a problem if you send back your faulty device to Samsung for repair, but if you are the kind of person who relies on a third party to repair your smartphone --
During the repair process, the replacement of damaged parts may incur additional costs.
If the repair is not done intentionally by Samsung, will the S7 make the repair awkward? Perhaps.
Apple makes sure third parties cannot fix the iPhone 6 with its error 53 \"security measures.
But the bigger problem is that the shelf life of sealing devices such as S7, iPhone 6 s and Sony Xperia series is very limited.
Making them harder to fix means making them more disposable.
If there is a hardware problem with your device and you are out of warranty or you purchased it for the second time --
Hands, basically the game is over.
You need to buy a new smartphone.
This is not good for consumers, but also for the environment.
Fortunately, with LG launching its first commercial smartphone: G5 (
Look at the 5 reasons I bought here).
Of course, there are Project Ara from Fairphone, Phonebloks and Google.
A startup is trying to build the most unusual and impressive modular technology I \'ve ever seen: a smartwatch where each link is a different component.
From GPS to other monitors or 5 battery modules, the BLOCKS smartwatch is probably one of the most versatile smartwatches on the market.
Look at my hand. on below.
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