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ftdi usb adapter based dmx transmitter with isolation

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-29
Stumbled upon when I plugged in the FTDI USB to serial adapter while using the DMX program and noticed that it was treated as an Enttec DMX USB transmitter device.
After doing some research on this topic, I started with a simple SN75176 with female DMX socket and it worked fine, so I developed this standalone version described here
Use isolation similar to USBDMX. com hardware.
A number of other sites have been found to build similar usb dmx transmitters, the total cost depends on the following: $15 for FTDI boards, $7.
$50 DC/DC isolator, misc = $28.
$50 can certainly be used with Freestyler and MADRIX, but many other programs should also be compatible.
Parts: Tools: FTDI adapter: two FTDI chips have been tested and other types should work as well.
I\'m assuming that anything identified as VID 0x0403 & PID 0x6001 will work.
As both of the work I tested used VID and PIDElectronics: Schematic explained it all and it was very simple to do it point-to-point on some perforated plates.
The kind that tracks rows with copper.
Well laid out and requires minimal jumper and cut marks.
It should be fine to test it before putting it into the case.
The NKE0505SC and 6nsfp completely isolate the usb ftdi adapter and computer from the transceiver and receiving device on the transceiver circuit.
Protect the computer and USB adapter from short circuit, noise and other problems.
Powered via USB.
Case: a plastic Case consisting of two parts was used for on-line DC power supply. So far, the device has been tested with Freestyler and Madrix 2. 0(
Version 3 was not detected)
But many other software is listed on the Entecc website.
Few would have thought of it: the micro USB jack on most FTDI chips is not powerful, which can be a problem if used in large quantities.
Maybe the FTDI adapter with USB Type B Jack is more suitable.
This works very well in many projects as it can also be done via RS-
485, a revision is planned.
Basically the same electronic design, however, bi-
Directional energy and Jack.
Check out my profile or my project page for my guidance and projects.
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