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Foxl v2 Pocket-sized Bluetooth Speakers Review

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-07
The Soundmatters foxL v2 is the latest and the hottest pocket sized portable stereo speaker system. But then there are hundreds and thousands of such loudspeakers floating around the market, so what is so special about foxL v2? In this review, I am going to introduce you to this miniature audiophile music system, called FoxL v2, which is capable of turning your palm into a personal amphitheatre. The weight and The Body: One is instantly impressed by the device's look and weight. The body is not made out of plastic, yet it weighs at less than 2 pounds (1.6 to be specific). The product dimensions are 5.6 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches. Technical details: FoxL v2 comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The battery, when fully charged, gives you 5 hours of use. The unit is an excellent hi-fi alternative to earphones. Product Description: Powered by the lithium ion battery, an included USB connection, or wall-charger, the foxL v2 provides shockingly excellent bass and fidelity for a unit only 7' inches long. Its Lithium battery doubles as woofer and its mid and high range comes via 2 patented dual voice 1' coil 'Twoofer' drivers. Mind you, these tweeters also woof. 4 ultra high-efficiency digital amplifiers have been used to provide on-board amplification. And then with its Bluetooth capabilities, it is surely ticking a lot of boxes. If you feel that the device is not pumping enough bass, you can attach another sub-woofer through the output jack in the unit. There is a high sensitivity microphone on front of the device and voice clarity is enhanced by the dedicated noise-cancelling electronics that it comes with. If you receive a call while listening to the music, foxL would automatically over-ride the streaming music and become both speaker and the mic. Set up: It is extremely easy to set up foxL. All you need to do is to fully charge the device and pair it to your iPhone or any other Bluetooth device, for that reason. Designer: The foxL v2 was designed and developed by Dr Godehard Guenther, who is a physicist, audio design legend, former NASA engineer and also the founder of soundmatters. Price: You can buy foxL v2 online at around199 US dollars (plus shipping charges, if applicable).
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