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Four Car Accessories You Must Keep in Your Car

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-07
As most people will probably admit to, I am guilty of not being particularly prepared when it comes to the car accessories I keep in my car. On several occasions I have been left in an awkward situation having to beg for a jump start or some washer fluid. Because of this I have outlined the four things everyone should keep in their car for emergencies. A Warning Triangle In case of an accident you should do everything possible to avoid further collisions without putting yourself in harm's way. The Highway Code recommends keeping a warning triangle in your car. In case of a breakdown or a collision, which leaves your car blocking the road, you should turn on your hazard warning lights and place a warning triangle 45 metres behind the vehicle, if it is safe to do so. Unless you are on a motorway in which case you should only use your hazard warning lights. Organiser The second item to store in your boot is a car organiser. This is not strictly one item but rather something to store other car accessories in. You should always keep a bottle of water and some spare washer fluid in here as well as other bits and pieces. This ensures that when you need something you know exactly where it is. I also like to keep a torch and some money in my organiser too. Jump Leads Especially if you have an older car, jump leads are one of the most important car accessories you can carry. Sometimes batteries do go flat and the last thing you want to do is call someone out to do something you could do yourself in minutes. There are also battery boosters available but these are a bit more expensive and you can usually find someone to give you a jump start if needed. Phone Charger The final thing on my list is a phone charger. Although this isn't the most vital of car accessories I have mentioned it is certainly one that helped me on more than the odd occasion. As their power increases we trust more and more our mobile phones. They are our address books, satellite navigation devices and sources of a wealth of information. This makes them incredibly useful if you get stuck or lost somewhere, but they are useless with a flat battery. I'm sure there are a number of other car accessories you could think of that you really should keep in the car. However, for me, these are the top four. Preparation is the best tool we have against the unexpected.
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