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foodie babe organic baby food range to launch at the baby show

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-04
Start weaning your baby but don\'t have time to season the vegetables
Don\'t worry, you can now send a series of first solids directly to your front door with a cooking twist. Food-
Lover Li Maja has found few organic options for her now 18-year-old daughter
She was a few months old, so she decided to help her busy parents.
Li said she was disappointed when her 18-month daughter Valentina did not choose organic and natural food, so she decided to help other busy parents by herself.
\"I just found out that there is really a lack of baby fresh food in the New Zealand market, and I\'m really a little confused as to why that is the case,\" she said . \".
Next weekend, she will launch gourmet baby at the Baby Show in Auckland, a series of organic baby food based on delicious healthy homemade recipes. A Croatian-
Lee loves cooking and decides to fill the gaps in the market by offering 11 \"cooking twisted\" recipes for herbs and spices baby food for babies aged 4 months to 12months plus.
The first phase includes European coriander and Baili, carrot and coriander, broccoli and garlic, zucchini and mint, bear fruit and ginger puree. Stage two -
Not a lump-
Starting from 7 months, apples, pumpkin seeds and nutmeg oats, spiced carrots and beets, and super green vegetables for roast chicken. Stage three -
Bite some pieces
Including apple and vanilla oats, berries and chia seed puree, and creamy vege orzo and grilled salmon after 10 months.
Phase 4, 12 months
In addition, slow boiled vege and stewed lentils are included, as well as homemade vege broth.
Next year, she will launch a series for toddlers.
For 100g and 150g, the price ranges from $3.
$50 to $8 will be delivered on a subscription basis, but Lee said
Welcome to the ups from her gray Lynn home, no minimum order required.
\"It is ready to be eaten, handmade and frozen in a luxury insulation package.
\"As demand increases, she wants to expand across the country and eventually export to the international market.
Starting with Li\'s international research, the food series has been produced for more than a year to understand the needs and needs of parents and their offspring.
From there, she developed a business plan, developed a food control plan, and worked with pediatricians and nutritionists, as well as food safety consultants, A deep study of vegetables as first food was conducted with several university professors, with brand ambassadors and taste testers on board, and a commercial explosion cooler was purchased.
It\'s not just a flash in the pan.
I am regulated by the Ministry of Primary Industry and they have approved my food control program.
\"The idea behind this business is for taste training,\" Lee said.
\"We will be the first baby food company in New Zealand to really use vegetables as the first food.
We did not provide fruit until the second stage.
This is basically to make the baby not like the sweet taste.
\"She will also be the first to be approved to produce commercial baby food from the home kitchen.
\"I am very determined to do so and I see the real need to help and support parents and be able to give them the choice.
\"I also want to pass on this passion for food to my little girl and give her and appreciation for fresh, authentic, healthy food.
\"Baby Show event manager Brigitta Rennie said there has been a significant increase in natural and organic exhibitors this year, with 7 out of a total of 220 exhibitors standing out.
They include chemical-free and eco-friendly cleaning products, organic baby skin care collections, and keynote speakers for reusable diapers.
Bao Xiu starts from August 18-
At the ASB show in Greenland.
Mom Bub Smartband for nursery program.
Track fetal movements, doctor appointments, and more from the start of pregnancy.
As soon as the baby arrived, he forgot his handwritten notes in the middle of the night.
Smartband provides feeding time reminders, weight monitoring, and tracking the health of the mother.
Includes tracking module, blush, gray, black belt, micro usb cable, Quick Start Guide, souvenir box.
Sleepytot New Zealand\'s luminous sleep assist is an ultrasonic steam generator that combines night lights with white noise.
Vapouriser uses ultrasound to produce air moisture to counter the drying effect of heating and air
But no moisture.
Vapouriser makes breathing easier for children who often snore, have asthma, or get sick.
At the same time, it also provides night lights and makes white noise.
Trinity swimwear is available for children aged 2 to 14.
Trinity is 13-year-
The little girl from Mangawhai, with the help of her family, made modest outfits and bikinis for toddlers and teenagers with recycled fabrics.
Some togs are reversible and this fabric is made from a fishing net recovered from the sea by a non-profit organization whose volunteer divers are helping to clean up the ocean.
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