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Five Best Home Theatres in India

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-08
Home theatres are the most sought after gadgets these days. Many companies are making their foray into this industry with their own range of home theatres which promise to offer the best technology and user friendly techniques. We bring to you five best home theatres in India: Panasonic X5H0 5.1 Home theatre system Have an ear for: These days we often hear, many companies promising digital surround sound. This technology is found in Panasonic X5H0 5.1 Home theatre system. The home theatre system is fitted with five speakers, placed in the front. The process too is hassle free as it gives a step by step instruction to its users. The two surround speakers and subwoofers magnify the sound quality to a much larger extent. The step by step instruction manual guides the user to get an optimal and hassle free installation. Playing format The home theatre system supports DVD, DVD-R/-R, DL/-RW, DVD, +R/+R, DL/+RW, CDDA formats as well as CD-R/-RW formats. It also has a USB support system, which allows one to plug in and play music directly from flash drives without even loading into CD's also. DIVX, VCD, SVCD, MP3 are some of the other formats that this home theatre system supports. The USP of this device is that it is less than even 250 square feet in area and is ideal for medium and small sized rooms. It can also transform the output into images, if the user has a digital television set using the Progressive Scan technique. The arc audio Channel System ensures minimum cable clattering throughout the house hold making it just perfect for the teenagers. It gives an additional option of bass firing which is extremely in vogue these days making it a hot favorite. SONY DAV-840K Have an ear for: SONY's latest home theatre systems from the DAV range are extraordinary in their approach. They are sleek and stylish in their monolithic approach as well as hoarded with the latest technologies. The system comes with a 5.1 channel DVD player, a two way speaker system and four tall by speaker systems which has the ability to transform a mere dark room into a surreal cinema hall. It is loaded with a USB music function, known as Bravia Sync which enables one to record and play a function. Playing format It gives an HDMI output with an upscale of 1080p for DVD drives and has simple XVID Home and MPEG 4 technologies among the others. BOSE LIFESTYLE 48 DVD entertainment system Have an ear for: It is by far Bose's most advanced product in the life style category. The system has unique software named Jewel Cube speaker that is invented by available only in the products of this company. The ADAPTiQ technique found in this home theatre system adapts the sound to the acoustics of the room. Not the usual bass sound blazing in the room. Play format: The uMusic + intelligent playback system allows one to store music from CDs and MP3s into its very own library, which comes handy when the user wants to hear ones favorite song. The intelligent playback mode perfects the users taste and sensibilities too. Most popular audio as well as video contents can be enjoyed in all formats. The Accoustimass module software gives a low frequency sound having a perfect loudness making it audible even when it is behind a chair. YAMAHA YHT-296 Have an ear for: With a 3D and HD recording capacity this home theatre system is sure to steal a million hearts. It is fully compatible and has an HTiB with an Audio return channel of HDMI (4 in/1 out), YPAO and SCENE for making the operation easy even for a layman. The design is sleek and trendy, just the way the new generation wants their gadgets to be. Being the makers of boys favorite toys i.e. bikes, YAMAHA sure does know that boys like their toys to be curvy. Play format It also has the capability to play all the different types of formats like MP3, MP4, MPEG 4 and so on. The HD audio and cinema DSP surround sound system is capable of turning the natural images into the high quality ones. PHILIPS DVD home theatre system HTS3372D/F7 Have an ear for: This system enables us to view high definition pictures, and provides us with a package which is unbeatable as a combination. The package of this system enables us to view sharp pictures with 1080p HDMI up conversion. The USP of this range is the presence of the music playback via the dock. Playing format It plays all the required formats starting from WMV, DIVX, WMA, MP3 and jpeg. It also plays external disks such as CD, VCD, DVD, DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL and so on. Though the list suggested above is genuine is put up after proper market research, still there is nothing better than doing the market research by one self and settling for the one that fits the user's budget.
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