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five best gadgets for smart travellers, from bluetooth bags to emergency battery power

by:ShunXinda      2019-08-20
From Bluetooth-
We packed the five best travel gadgets into enough batteries to charge the tablet.
Picture: supply.
Source: Supply travel is not necessarily as charming as it is considered.
There is a battle to cram your bag into the overhead locker and ask to keep an eye on your luggage at all times and you need to make sure your smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop battery is fully charged.
Here are five top gadgets that will make these tasks and journeys easier.
Strandbags BluesmartStrandbags/month.
5/5/$499/strandbags. com.
The auThe Bluesmart suitcase from Strandbags connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth and reports its whereabouts.
Picture: supply.
Source: supply this is the inspector\'s gadget for the suitcase.
This Bluesmart carries with you
In addition to being a carefully crafted spinning bag, the on bag has more technology than you think.
It hides a 10,000 battery that can charge your phone 6 times, it can use technology on the handle to weigh, and it has Bluetooth and 3g connections, two smart features are allowed: Unlock your bag with your phone and update the location.
The suitcase weighs 4.
25 kg, the price is expensive too, but this is the smartest suitcase you find in the overhead locker.
It is also on sale at $100 lower than usual retail prices.
Kensington 17-
Night backpack for laptop/$199. 95 / 4.
Com/auThe Kensington SecureTrek 17 \"laptop overnight backpack has a patented locking base so you can secure your backpack to an office or coffee shop on a bench or table at the airport.
Picture: supply.
Source: supliedkensington\'s SecureTrek collection is perfect for those who travel on their own a lot, and no one will mind their bags when they are temporarily distracted.
The backpack has space for a large laptop and a tablet, as well as a small portion of the space for overnight necessities.
But the main attraction of this accent feature rather than form backpack is patent
Wait to lock the system.
You can-
Flights with TSA
When you are in an airport, cafe or even hotel room, you can fix the locked bag on solid things with Kensington cable.
Very simple, very safe.
Mophie PowerStation month XMophie/month.
The ComThe Mophie PowerStation 8X battery is a smooth aluminum battery with 15,000 mAh of power stored inside.
Picture: supply.
Source: supplier this stylish aluminum brick concentrates a lot of power, of course enough to keep you and your equipment moving for a long time.
Mophie PowerStation 8x is named after it will charge 8 times for most smartphones.
Its 15,000 mAh battery can power the most demanding devices, providing 15 watts of power to smartphones and tablets.
It even charges two highs.
Power the equipment at the same time.
The battery is almost twice as thick as the Apple iPad Air 2 and weighs 385g, but its convenience is worth the weight.
HP Star Wars Special Edition HP/4/5/$1300/harveynorman. com.
HP Star Wars Special Edition 15-
There is a red Darth Vader outside the Ab050nr laptop
It has a bright keyboard and a system full of Star Wars backgrounds and shades.
Picture: supply.
Source: The power of the 15 suppliers is very strong
HP laptop.
This special version of the laptop looks like it\'s from the dark side, outside is Darth Vader, Red
It has a bright keyboard and a system full of Star Wars backgrounds and shades.
Designed for mobile games with Intel Core i5 2.
3 GHz chip, 8 gb memory, dedicated NVIDIA 2 gb graphics card, 1.
5 TB drive with HDMI, USB and Ethernet connection.
Its trackpad feels a bit loose, but it offers optical drives and IPS displays in an ultra-thin profile weighing just 2 lbs. 2kg.
Cygnett portable powerbank Cygnett/2.
ComThe ChargeUp Pocket 2500 portable Powerbank is designed to charge the phone in case of emergency.
Source: supply this real pocket-
The size solution for battery emergencies will be fully charged for most smartphones, and it has multiple designs to choose from.
The best thing about portable Powerbank is obviously its size because it weighs only 90 grams, a little shorter than 10 cm.
The device has a micro USB cable built into it for charging most Google Android smartphones with full
USB connection size for other cables.
The price of this power pack is right, there are some rough edges on the surface, the wires are hard to install, they don\'t charge the tablet, they don\'t charge some modern phones.
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