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fiil canviis pro headphones: pricey, but worth it

by:ShunXinda      2019-09-10
Unless you live under the rocks all the time. -
Or never seen a teenager hang out in a shopping mall. -
Beats headphones you know.
Have you heard of Fiil headphones?
I didn\'t receive it until I received a pair of Fiil Canviis Pro headphones for review.
Obviously, this audio brand is very big in China.
According to Ben Sin, a Forbes contributor, the company (
Founded by a Chinese rock star)
Did a lot in following the Beatles strategy, and now it is actively expanding into the United StatesS. market.
Fiil Canviis Pro BasicsOn surface, Fiil Canviis Pro headset similar to other advanced wireless on-ear headphones.
The design of the look and feel provides a rich visual appeal and provides a comfortable fit.
The plastic is of high quality and has an elegant matte surface.
Most metal parts are painted with matching matte paint, while some decorations are highly polished.
The Fiil logo is printed on the ear cup and you can choose to light it up with a white LEDs.
The ear pads are made of soft material and they provide some pivot action for a better fit.
The headband is also easily padded and bent.
My comment unit is black and there is also a red option.
The ear cup is hinged and folded for easy carrying (
Including a hard shell). The battery (
Rated 33 hours)
Charge via micro USB port.
Cables are included and cable number 3 is included.
If the battery runs out, 5mm cable with online control.
You can answer the voice call.
Taking off the headphones will automatically pause the music, which is a good touch.
Overall, the look is stylish and modern.
If you want more flash, just activate the earmuff backlight.
Fiil Canviis Pro headphones are made with high audio quality and pleasant.
It\'s fairly balanced, but there seems to be a slight boost to the bass and treble to make everything sound more energetic.
In addition to the usual standards, high resolution audio is supported, including FLAC, WAV, and ALAC.
Are they worth $349?
Depending on what I have covered so far, the asking price may be reasonable.
They will certainly be wary of something like the Beats Solo 3 wireless headset, but Beats offers another seven hours of battery life, name recognition (
If it\'s important to you)
The price advantage of $50.
However, there are many more Fiil Canviis Pro headphones. . .
Many things that make Canviis Pro headphones stand out from the packaging ---
And help justify the premium label-
It\'s a bunch of extra stuff.
First, double the right ear cup as a touch control pad.
There is also a physical button to start and pause tracks, but jumping back and forth and adjusting the volume is done by sliding.
It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you get it, swiping becomes a second nature.
And MAF of Fiil (My Audio filter)
Active noise cancellation.
The switch on the right ear cup can turn on and off noise cancellation and loop on the level of sound filtering, including settings used in windy environments.
Believe it or not, there are 4 GB of local music storage!
This is very unusual in this era of streaming music, but it can be a useful feature.
By connecting to your PC with a USB cable to load the headphones, you can install up to 1,000 tracks that will always exist even if your smartphone battery is dead, or no Internet connection.
I drag tracks from my iTunes library and all the purchased and matched AAC music plays smoothly.
When connecting to the Fiil mobile app (
For iOS and Android)
Further expansion of functionality.
Have a handy burn
The function when you first get the headset.
There is a detailed battery meter that shows the percentage of remaining power, as well as the estimated remaining hours of playback time and standby time.
There are three settings for EQ: bass, original and treble.
You can manage these locally stored files.
And my favorite 3D sound.
Through the living room, theater and Hall mode, digital sound processing is used to increase the virtual depth and distance of the music.
Not everyone likes to play their music this way, but it took me hours to play different modes.
I especially like the setting of the concert hall, where many songs have been performed by the concert hall --like feel.
You can leave 3D Soundoff if you don\'t like it.
Voice Search is very powerful and there are some strange omissions.
I have no problem calling voice search by saying \"Hello Fiil.
\"Asking about the Depeche Mode made me randomly get the Depeche Mode song from Spotify.
I was successful in the game and Morrissey.
And then I tried to joke with the band and make Bob Dylan--
Very close but no cigar. . .
Asking \"to enjoy silence \"--
Popular Depeche Mode songs-
I will start playing \"SOS\" of ABBA from my local library \". Every time.
I\'m pretty sure the headset understands this requirement because it asks me to \"Please say it again\" when it\'s confused \".
\"Should you buy a Fiil Canviis Pro headset?
I really like the pros of Fiil Canviis.
They sound great, they have style and they provide a good battery life.
With the Fiil app, there are a lot of extra features to play with, including 3D sound.
However, if the price of $349 is too high, there is another option to consider.
Fiil Canviis headphones (not Pro)
Provides the same functionality, design and audio performance, but lacks voice control and local music storage.
For most people, I suspect it will be a better option, they are easier on their wallets at $249.
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