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Fiber Optic Cable And Its Uses

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-09
For high-speed data transmission, the use of fiber optic cabling is becoming very popular. There are many industries, such as medicine, defense, data transmission, telecommunications, networking and broadcasting, that are making use of this advanced technology. The uses and applications of fiber optics in these industries are innumerable. There are a number of reasons why this is being preferred over metal cables. It is highly durable and fast cabling system that makes the production process much more efficient than with the use of copper cables. Many developed countries have already shifted to this technology for many industrial and commercial applications. Made from a bundle of glass threads, called the optical fibers, fiber optic cables are able to transmit data digitally at an incredibly high speed. They have started to replace the existing metal cables in many industries and have several uses in the modern world. Fiber optic cabling is relatively expensive than other mediums but it is highly efficient in meeting the present as well as future needs of industries and commercial concerns. Uses in telecommunications - Fiber optic cables have great utility in digital communication systems. Due to their durability and flexibility, these are an excellent medium of telecommunication networks. Unlike other mediums, such as electrical cables, the use of fiber optic cables results in much less loss of intensity even over large distances. Another benefit of these cables is that they allow multiplexing and can be very efficient in transmitting large numbers of independent signals. There are several reasons for the popularity of fiber optic cables in the telecommunications and computer networking industry. - => It is compatible with the existing cabling technology used in internet connections. => It offers higher bandwidth than electrical cables resulting in faster and more reliable transfer of data. => It is more durable than the metal wires. => It does not get affected much by outer interference of light or radio waves. => The audio-visual signals carried by fiber optic cables experience much less distortion even over large distances. - Other uses of fiber optic cabling - Fiber optic technology is highly applicable in the field of medicine where it is used as light guides and in tools for surgeries. It is applied in the traffic light systems and automated tollbooths. It also has industrial and commercial usage for imaging in hard to reach areas. Fiber optic cable can also be used as a sensory device to detect changes in temperature, pressure or vibrations. Optic fiber is gradually replacing all existing traditional mediums due to being more reliable, durable and efficient in transferring of data. Many industries, such as telecommunications and computer networking consider this as a backbone of their activities. ------ For underground installation of fiber optic cabling, consult Cable Laying Products http://www.cablelaying.com.au/, experts with optic fiber communication systems.
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