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Fathers Day Gift Idea - DigitalsOnDemand 15-Item

by:ShunXinda      2020-08-09
Brief Product Overview Undecided over what you can buy for your dad this Father's day? If your dad has an Apple iPad, then this 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad by DigitalsOnDemand will definitely make an awesome present for him. This accessory bundle will make an excellent gift for your dad on Father's Day especially if he has just gotten himself an Apple iPad, as these accessories that your dad is going to find in this package will be a great complement to his iPad. And if you are thinking of getting an iPad for your dad this Father's day, then you may want to also consider getting this accessory bundle to make a complete set. In the next section, we will be talking more about what exactly you will find in this 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad. What You Will Discover In This 15-Item Accessory Bundle Here's a list of what you will be able to find in this particular 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad: 1. 3 Different iPad Cases This bundle includes 3 different Apple iPad cases which your dad can choose to use whichever one that he likes and matches his needs. It has a black silicone case, leather case with kick stand, and a clear case with kick stand that is detachable. 2. Screen Protector There is also a screen protector which is really useful as your dad can use to protect the screen of his iPad. 3. Wall & Car Charger Adapter The bundle also includes a wall charger adapter and a car charger adapter. It will be great for your dad to have a spare charger which he can place it in the office and need not bring the charger to and fro. The car charger is great too as he will be able to charge his iPad on the go. 4. Other Miscellaneous Accessories Also included in the accessory bundle are a USB sync cable, retractable USD data cable, reading light, universal touch screen stylus pen, headphones with mic, earphone splitter, and AUX cable. There is also a fishbone which your dad can use to wrap the cords of the headphones to keep it organized and a drawstring pouch to keep all the cables. Customers' Feedback About This 15-Item Accessory Bundle For New Apple iPad In terms of what fellow customers have said about this particular accessory bundle for the Apple iPad, many have commented that this is a nice little package that consist of all the necessary accessories they need at a hugely affordable price (it currently cost just $39.99 with free shipping on Amazon.com). However, some of them have commented that the packaging of this product is something in which the manufacturers can further improved upon. Our Final Verdict In our honest opinion, we feel that this particular accessory bundle for the Apple iPad consists of the necessary accessories that an average iPad user would require. And also for the price that Amazon.com is charging for the entire set, we feel that it is value for money.
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